New Generation of Prop Offers Rewriting the Rules of Rakeback

Poker players now have access to rakeback rates higher than any public offer thanks to the new generation of rooms seeking to hire prop players.

Online PR News – 27-December-2010 – – A new slate of rooms interested in hiring prop players is remaking the rakeback landscape. Players accustomed to rakeback rates ranging from 25%-50% will be thrilled to learn of exclusive opportunities offered by the PartTimePoker online prop team, where rates can exceed 100% rakeback.

“Propping is, hands-down, the most stable route to profit for a thinking player,” said Brian Ralentide, marketing director for “The roster of offers we have available for players right now represents the best available value for prop players that I've seen in years.”

Full information, including rate schedules, terms and restrictions, is available at

Online prop players serve a simple function – they start and save games at smaller rooms in order to ensure that potential customers have games to choose from. Propping has a long history in live poker rooms as well, with poker rooms from California to New Jersey employing prop players (also referred to as shill players) as a natural part of the poker room ecosystem.

In live rooms, props are generally paid an hourly wage. When employed by online rooms, props are paid via rakeback. Rake is the small charge the house takes out of every pot for hosting the game; rakeback is the return of that charge to the player and can easily amount to thousands a month for high-volume players.

PartTimePoker has operated online propping teams since 2005, having worked with dozens of rooms and thousands of players en route to becoming the oldest and largest public prop team online.