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Online PR News – 25-December-2010 – – Fashion has never been an abstract, artificial concept developed by specialists, but a mirror about human evolution, about the changes of habits and values of the world and last but not least, a mirror about social changes. wholesale fashion watches(http://www.timeholders.com) So, there have always been an army of estheticians, psychologists, anthropologists, physicians and other science men who tried to link their knowledge in a quintessence that could represent the icon of intimacy of every person, individually. The industry of watches is linked both to the science world and to the artistic one, so that a watch never represents only a need, but a statement about evolution, as a whole.

At first sight, just bold torrents of fashion seem to appear: a sport one, a casual, a romantic, a classic or even an eccentric one. led watch(http://www.timeholders.com/led-watch-c-3.html) But in detail, everything merges to a mosaic of details planned to offer a resume of every person`s individually. Every kind of fashion is a story about someone, a complete image that symbolizes and indicates a way of life, a set of values and a guideline of all the dreams someone had. A watch is always a metonymy about someone, including symbols related to the one who wears it. fashion watches(http://www.timeholders.com/fashion-watch-c-5.html) Famous companies which create watches, get inspiration by life itself and come up with the most ergodinamic models. Specialists understand the watch as a dialectic fight between the perishable human nature and the power of control that could organize even the unidirectional time.

A romantic watch, for example, has most of the time delicate mosaics and filigrees with floral patterns which depict the natural and dreamy conception about world. Christmas String Lights(http://www.timeholders.com/christmas-string-lights-c-2.html) This kind of watch never just shows time. It's consulted to remind us about someone, about the beauty of sunsets or mornings. This piece would symbolically suggest beauty itself; it is connected to the freedom of nature that makes the dream become reality. Christmas led Lights(http://www.timeholders.com/led-lights-c-12.html) That's why, romantic watches will have small precious stones embedded in them and will use gold or silver to remind about the sacred nature of the world.

A classic watch will always have stainless metal and leather, to show stability. mechanical watch(http://www.timeholders.com/mechanical-watch-c-6.html) There will not be any intricate embellishment, because these watches show the stability of the owner, the stability of his world, where noting has to be changed, because everything respects an indubitable order. Classic materials will give peace and will comfort all those who do not want to see chaos or hazard around them. pocket watches(http://www.timeholders.com/pocket-watch-c-9.html) Simple and useful, these watches mean stability.

Gadgets appeared when people had an euphoric enthusiasm about the power of science. They are linked with cultural trends engaged with science-fictional concepts. ladies quartz watch(http://www.timeholders.com/quartz-watch-c-8.html) This is why these watches will never just show the time, but even the time on other planets, as well. They remind about the multitude of possibilities of mankind. Most of the time, they have not an aesthetic shape, but have a lot useful functions. These watches deserve the grandeur dream of the new technological man.

When a fashion is attached to industry of watches, under every item, a symbol of time stays closed. silicone watch(http://www.timeholders.com/silicone-watch-c-4.html) The way the life is perceived by someone is never more detailed represented but in the type of the watch. The fashion of watches actually represent a verdict about the most problematic anxiety of mankind: mortality. Buying a watch means to choose a shape that could suppress this anxiety. sport watches(http://www.timeholders.com/sport-watch-c-10.html) That's why wearing a watch is more a symbolic act, then an utilitarian one and the esthetics is more important here, than the functional filed.