Marketing with A3 ebook released on Business901 Website

The eBook is part of the Marketing with Lean Series.

Online PR News – 24-December-2010 – – Fort Wayne, IN - December 24, 2010 -- Released as an eBook, Marketing with A3 authored by Joseph T. Dager is now available on the Business901 website. Using A3 in the marketing process will provide you a standard method of developing and creating your marketing programs. It will recap the thoughts, efforts, and actions that take place for a particular campaign, such as advertising or public relations or even a launch.

The methods described in this eBook can really highlight the value that marketing supplies. The tools are explained and ten examples are given by the author and five other contributors. The important part is that you will learn how to format your A3 report in any way that most effectively communicates your story to your team and others.

Dager says, "Marketing with A3 is my attempt to improve the problem solving process of sales and marketing. If you don't know what an A3 is, it is a one- page document used to capture the dialogue in a problem solving process. Sending your marketing through such a process will enable you to create clarity to areas such as CRM, Social Media, Joint Ventures, Client Retention, Client Acquisition, and more. It is a tool that can be used both strategically and tactically. It has developed in its own right to become a thinking process."

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 : Marketing with A3 Introduction
Chapter 2 : Transforming to Marketing with A3s
Chapter 3 : What is an A3?
Chapter 4 : Using A3 in your Marketing Process
Chapter 5 : Types of A3
Chapter 6 : Description of the Components of the A3
Chapter 7 : Tools used in A3

Resources, Contributors
Marketing with Lean Series

Appendix A A3 Templates
Appendix B A3 Examples

The book is the fourth part in the series of the Marketing with Lean Program: This series consist of the five individual products.
1. Lean Marketing House
2. Driving Market Share
3. Value Stream Marketing (coming soon)
4. Marketing with A3
5. Marketing your Black Belt (coming soon)

Business901 provides direction in areas such as Lean Six Sigma Marketing and Achieving Expert Status. Business901 has designed their services and product offerings so that they are implementable systems that work in the real, not enough time, not enough people world we operate in. We provide tools that simplify the marketing process, not complicate it. Joe Dager is President of Business901 and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. If you visit the website, you can download the Value Stream Marketing eBook.

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