Data Loss a Danger to Unprepared Companies - Impress Computers in Houston has the Solution

Modern day businesses have grown, over the years, to depend completely and totally on the company’s IT infrastructure

Online PR News – 20-June-2017 – Houston, TX – Modern day businesses have grown, over the years, to depend completely and totally on the company’s IT infrastructure, as even small businesses will operate with several satellite machines that communicate between each other and a central server. While modern technology has vastly improved the operating efficiency of each business, it also poses severe lurking risks with the possibility of failure. In the past, losing years of data and months of work was never really an issue, however due to so much information being stored electronically, computer failures could lead so serious monetary losses. As a result, data loss prevention has become a fundamental component of all operating businesses

Several methods exist through which data loss can be protected against, although the most common occurs through a local backup to a NAS (network-attached storage) drive. This backup functions basically as a large on-site hard drive that connect to the network. This enables users to create daily backup images of the server and can be used in the event of a server failure to continue to access files. However, a NAS drive doesn’t provide quite enough protection against modern issues. Common events, such as a building fire or a Cryptolocker virus that could spread and lock down all devices connected to the network would still stand to potentially lose data.

Consequently, proper security measures will require that each company also utilizes an off-site backup plan. Typically, this constitutes an incremental backup which occurs at regular intervals, usually between 15 minutes to a day. The incremental off-site backup is important because it does two things: it keeps the data in a location that won’t be hit by the same potential fire as the local backup, and it protects data against severe viruses such as Cryptolocker. In the event of a serious emergency, a user can just dial back the system to the previous increment and download the image, resulting in just a short period of downtime before the business is operational again.

While these data loss prevention techniques are important, they can sometimes be a little difficult to set up. Fortunately for business owners in the Houston area, an IT managed services company by the name of Impress Computers has been supporting the city for well over 10 years. The local IT gurus have built up a 4.8 star rating through their impeccable, prompt service and have made life a whole lot easier for the companies they support. For any business looking for a robust data protection program, Impress and it’s friendly technicians is the best place to stop.

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