Noted Tampa DUI Attorney Announces New Internet Site Resource Center for DUI Law in Florida

Tampa DUI attorney John Musca, founder of Musca, announces the redesigned layout of their Tampa DUI website,

Online PR News – 24-December-2010 – – Tampa, FL ( onlineprnews ) December 23, 2010 - The new layout for the Tampa DUI attorney site website allows user friendly access to numerous drunken driving arrest resources. A few of these are Tampa DUI and DMV hearing information and locations, Florida DUI and BUI penalties, Florida DUI breathalyzer and mandatory blood test defense, laws particular to military personnel, and other critical drunk driving information for Tampa consumers.

Topics covered in depth on the new website are what to expect during a typical DUI stop and your rights under Florida law, what constitutes felony DUI, drunken driving breath tests, as well the newly proposed legislation regarding mandatory blood tests.

Other subjects include DUI manslaughter, personal injury and serious injury DUI. The newly created and interactive website also discusses the reasons for utilizing a ( ) Tampa DUI attorney, covers what to do if someone is out of state and gets a drunken driving charge, and also what to expect if you receive a DUI while in your boat, also known as a BUI. The site also offers excellent references for specific Florida DUI laws, regulations, penalties, and essential time frames concerning DMV license hearings.

John Musca analyzes the latest legal developments, as well as significant DUI news and suggestions, on his ( ) Tampa DUI Attorney blog page. These extensive dialogues provide readers and researchers a forum to discover DUI legal trends, as well as allowing them to post their own inquires or issues concerning Florida drunk driving laws to a Tampa DUI attorney.