The latest generation of water softeners hits the market

High efficiency water softeners - the next generation of water softening.

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – The concept behind a water softener is simple, it involves the replacement of calcium and magnesium ions with sodium, the idea being that sodium does not react with detergents or leech out within pipework and therefore the issues associated with hard water are eliminated.

Volume controlled high efficiency water softeners have now reached the marketplace, designed specifically for cost effective operation as well as dependable output. The benefits of a high efficiency water softener over a standard model is endless, however, among the many advantages are :

The resin bed is used to its maximum capacity before the automated regeneration takes place.

The counter current operation means that salt usage will also be kept to a minimum.

Up to 80% less water usage compared to standard water softener models.

Monitored performance via an onboard PLC.

With the addition of a conductivity meter observing the rinse stages and calculating the rinse water value, water waste can be decreased even further, by as much as 35%. Water hardness monitoring can also be established with the use of a monitor, this could be set to trigger an audible alarm whenever water hardness raises above a certain pre-set level.

The onset of these new industrial water softener models marks a new era in the treatment of hard water, one that is set to take the market by storm.