Mobile Phones Place Users in a Spin

A recent study has suggested that mobile phone users lose concentration & awareness of their surroundings & struggle to walk in a straight line.

Online PR News – 21-October-2009 – – A recent study has revealed that users of mobile phones whilst walking and on the move are increasingly unaware of their immediate surroundings and struggle to walk in a straight line. The concentration and focus that is required to maintain a conversation results in users weaving in different directions.

The research was carried out by Western Washington University in America, with its study of 317 people across the campus featuring users on the phone and using music walkman devices. It was remarked that mobile phone users “made more direction changes, displayed more weaving, and were less likely to explicitly acknowledge other people.”

The research team arranged for a brightly dressed clown on a unicycle to be situated in easy viewing from the campus square and a mere 25% of people on their mobile phones acknowledged that the clown was present.

Do these results provide an indication as to the way in which mobile phone ( usage has taken over the everyday lives of so many? Or are people simply unable to multi-task using electrical devices?

Professor Ira Hyman, leading the investigation, revealed: “When people engage in demanding cognitive tasks, they may not become aware of a variety of stimuli in the environment.”

These findings highlight the fact that even a task such as walking can be disrupted by mobile phone use. This places even greater responsibility on car drivers to use their mobile phones legally and at appropriate times at the wheel.

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