USAFIS – Making Green Card Lottery Application Process Smoother

USAFIS (an immigration consultant based in New York City) is making green card lottery application smoother for applicants.

Online PR News – 24-December-2010 – – [For_Immediate_Release]

New York, United States (Press Release – December 23, 2010) – Diversity Visa lottery is the most favored way of applying for a green card. People often prefer the green card lottery to other ways of getting permanent resident status (like family sponsorship, employer sponsorship or special immigrant rules) of United States. However, the online application process seems problematic to many of them so they always seek expert assistance.

USAFIS (an immigrant consultant based in New York City) assists people with the online green card application process. The application process is simple but people need to keep several aspects of application in mind that often becomes confusing for them. Nobody wants to see his green card lottery application status as "REJECTED". Therefore, they prefer hiring services of expert green card lottery consultants to make the task easier for them.

USAFIS takes care of all the intricacies involved in online application process of DV lottery. The agency extracts all essential information from the applicant required for filling in the online application form and then fills the application on behalf of their customers (green card lottery applicants). Customers get 100% guarantee of acceptance of their application.

The green card application assistance may look less important in first look. However, keeping the importance of its acceptance it becomes worth the money invested in hiring US immigration experts. Keeping the importance of time in mind people prefer it. To learn more about the services being offered by USAFIS, visit