BusyBeeManager Offers a 1-Month Free Trial for Their Automated Shift Rota System

BusyBeeManager, a market leader in employee and shift scheduling systems to help managers prepare the shift Rota, offers a 1-month free trial.

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – BusyBeeManager, which offers one of the most popular employee scheduling systems, has just announced a 1-month free trial for all those managers who haven’t tried the system before. This is great news because these managers, who are responsible for creating the shift rota, can finally get their hands on a system that has worked for many businesses already. “Try it before you buy it;” that is what the company is saying. The managers can thus find out firsthand how the shift rotation tools and employee schedule templates work absolutely free.

Managers of small to mid-sized businesses, who have to work with a lot of employees, often face problems in planning and maintaining employee work schedules and shifts. Preparing the shift rota is usually a challenge for most of them. And frankly, it is almost impossible to do it on an Excel database because the manager has to find out when a person is available to report and assign the days and hours to each one of them. It can become an overwhelming job soon enough. An employee scheduling system works very well in this case. And, the system from BusyBeeManager leads the way.

BusyBeeManager’s unique system is making retail scheduling a breeze. Managers finally have a way to easily and quickly set up their rotating shift schedules by using the shift schedule template feature of the system. There’s a template for each week. They are able to create a work schedule and prepare a shift rota by entering some simple information.

First, the employees and their roles need to be defined, and then a role must be assigned to each person. Then, the shift and also the roles to cover it must be defined. Once done, the manager can select Autoassign, and the software will fill in the schedule with people for each role in each shift, taking into account each employee’s personal preferences. It is really very simple to understand and easy to use. Finally, the schedule will be published to a unique URL, and all the assigned employees will be able to view their own scheduling assignments.

Once set up, the schedules can be saved as templates. Thus, once a schedule is assigned, it can be used later—only the week and the date will change.

About BusyBeeManager: Based in Denmark, BusyBeeManager offers one of the leading employee and shift scheduling systems in the world. This one-click, automated process to manage employee shifts and prepare the shift rota has become extremely popular among a lot of managers who have to organize the shifts of a large number of employees. Today, this system is used in a lot of restaurants, cafés, grocery stores, and other small and mid-sized businesses.

For more information about the unique system and the company, please visit www.busybeemanager.com.