Local Buzz Marketing London Launches New Internet Marketing Training For Businesses Website

Anthony Hayes from Local Buzz Marketing London announces the launch of their new internet marketing training website for UK businesses http://www.localbuzzmarketinglondon.co.uk

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – London, UK, 27/11/2010 – Anthony Hayes from Local Buzz Marketing London announces the launch of their new internet marketing training website for UK businesses http://www.localbuzzmarketinglondon.co.uk

“The new website is a major initiative to offer start ups and small businesses in the UK access to first class internet marketing training to learn how to generate leads and sales for their business online without all the jargon and also without the need to have advanced technical skills.” according to Hayes.

“Hiring a professional SEO services company or Social Media Agency will cost you hundreds…in fact probably thousands and is out of reach for many start ups and small business owners. For everyone who wants to learn to do things themselves, simple things that bring results and some really neat online marketing skills and save money the new Local Buzz marketing website is the perfect answer.”

The new website will be a membership site at consumer prices that any start up or small business can afford and will provide simple, easy to follow, over the shoulder training. The training is always relevant and up to date. Its aimed at being fun, rewarding and to show you how to get maximum exposure for as little financial outlay as possible, which is incredibly important to business owners in today’s economy.

However, it’s no longer necessary for small businesses to spend fortunes on expensive web design, seo services or pay per click advertising. Hayes, a successful internet marketing consultant, web design, social media and SEO expert is determined to dissect and demystify online marketing for anyone to be able to do successfully and bring results.

The membership also comes with a free highly optimized website for businesses that has a professional look, is optimized for search engines and also designed to make conversions and get visitors to take the action you want them to take whether that’s to make a call, submit their details to you for a follow up, or buy a product.

The training will cover the following and much more:

• Google Places & Local Business Listings
• Quality, useful, and informative content including creating business promotional videos for free within a few minutes, podcasts, blogging, conversational marketing and creating an expert status for yourself for your particular marketplace online.
• Inbound Marketing – Marketing that attracts customers to you rather than you trying to find them. This is done with Social Media, Video Marketing, Article Marketing and more.
• Repurposing content easily, quickly, and for maximum exposure, with as little effort as possible.
• Automation – Free and low cost tools and websites online that help you achieve far more in less time with a few clicks of your mouse.
• How to add posts and pages to your website, optimise them easily & quickly and get them onto social media sites, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites, RSS aggregator sites and more with just a click of a button.

“A lot of people would like to utilize my services, and their business could really benefit from the traffic, lead generation, reputation management and online branding available from our services but many can’t afford to pay what we would have to charge doing this stuff for them. Plus we are throwing in a professionally designed website that is quality in every way” according to Hayes. “With this membership, everyone can create their own online marketing department.”

“It’s priced at only £37.00 per month and includes step by step training on things that a lot of marketers out there just do not know or do correctly. I use this stuff every single day and we know what is working now, we are always testing and learning ourselves. But the really cool thing is that the training is structured to bring in results fast, at low cost, often using automation to make the creation and distribution of quality, useful content and sales messages so simple that it is not a time consuming laborious task. It’s actually a lot of fun and for those that don’t even want to do that we will be offering a low cost outsourcing option for some parts of the process. I am very proud of this product, this is really top class marketing, but made simple that anyone can do it just by watching over my shoulder for 15 minutes per day…Its truly awesome training!”

To find out more about the membership visit http://www.LocalBuzzMarketingLondon.co.uk