Expert’s Home-Business Formula has served as the Foundation of his Quarter-Billion-Dollar Revenue Success Story. Web genius has ended four-year retirement to share sure-fire secrets with select group of seasoned home-business professionals.

Online PR News – 22-December-2010 – – New York, NY, USA. December 22, 2010. At press time, this gentleman’s full identity remains a mystery, only known as “Mr. S.” Yet this extraordinary internet marketer has recently come out of retirement to once again focus his energies on amassing a huge fortune. What is different in this recent venture from his past success, after individually generating over a quarter billion dollars of business revenue, is that Mr. S. has decided to literally ‘share the wealth,’ by exposing his most closely-guarded home-business success secrets. When visiting with a small group of associates, Mr. S. said, “At this point in my life, if I cannot step back and share this secret formula and show others how to duplicate the success I have had, then shame on me.”

“It did not happen overnight,” Mr. S. went on to say. “Most people in the home-business opportunity market do not hit pay dirt their first few times out of the gate. It was the same for me. After my wife and I struggled for the better part of four years working different home-business opportunities in various ways, we ended up filing for bankruptcy. It was quite painful. We had lost several friends we had gotten involved in our business as well. I chuckle a bit about it now as I said we were part of the ‘NFL,’ No Friends Left club. But at the time, we were devastated. We said, ‘Never again.’

Out of the ashes…

But you know the old saying, ‘Never say ‘never.’ That was over 20 years ago and it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. In starting from the ground up, I began to be one of the first home-business marketers back in the day to start ‘thinking out of the box.’
I started to slowly develop my own system. Through trial, error and carefully kept statistics, I found out what did and did not work.
I developed the fine art of systems duplication. I found ways to leverage my small successes into larger ones. I studied under well-known business and self-development mentors.

Over time, my home-business successes got out there and I became a sought-out expert in my own right. I’ve seen a number of my students who had challenges replicating my systems go out on their own, having learned just enough to pass themselves off as business-success gurus in their own standing. This made me personally try harder and go deeper. I then developed my own home-business secret formula for success. In this industry you hear time and time again about boosting your business up ‘to the next level.’ Well, frankly speaking, this secret formula boosted my home-business to another Universe! Everything changed. It was a whole new lifestyle, a whole new ballgame. This home-business formula has been proven again and again, through the ups and downs of mainstream markets for over twenty years now. This secret success formula has never failed me. This secret success formula has been the vehicle for helping me earn five and six figure incomes each month for over twenty years now. This is the home-business formula I have decided to finally share with a wider group beyond the select few I have carefully shared it with to test the home-business duplication factor.

While more details are unknown about what this big secret formula relates to, we have been told what it is not; the home-business secret success formula of Mr. S. has nothing to do with:

• MLM,
• Network Marketing,
• Gifting,
• Affiliate Marketing,
• Pay Per Click / PPC,
• Search Engine Optimization / SEO,
• Social Marketing,
• Blogs,
• E-books,
• Surveys
• or any of the other offers we usually hear about regarding a home-business

Personally, Mr. S. does not know how many he will be sharing his home-business secret formula with or for how long. For years, Mr. S. has pondered selling his secret success formula through short seminars for hundreds of dollars or more to each participant. At press time, Mr. S. will be sharing his secret formula at a FREE WEBINAR. He does not know how long he will be doing this. He feels in this troubled economy, with the True Unemployment Rate being higher than what is usually shared with the press, it is the least he can do to help folks pick themselves up with a proven, recession/depression-proof home-business system.

These secrets are not just for those looking for viable income, but also for those folks who are 'fed up' with the overwhelming amount of business opportunities available in today's high tech, instant access, interwoven World Wide Web soup. Mr. S. confirms that most of what's out there is ‘B.S.’ and falls far short of the long promises for a person’s prosperity. In fact, he says this webinar may actually make attendees angry for a number of reasons. Why? Mr. S. is quite frank with his assertions to this reporter, "You and 95 percent of everyone in the Business Opportunity Industry are being LIED TO. Keeping participants confused is a ‘Training Strategy’ that puts more money in the so-called 'Guru's' pockets rather than the participants'. Struggling with making a Business Opportunity Program work is absolutely not necessary." Webinar attendees will find out the Truth for free.

We know that the identity of Mr. S. will become known at this webinar. We know that more will be revealed about Mr. S. and his mysterious past. We hope, for the sake of those troubled by extreme global economic challenges, that Mr. S. will be around for a long time to share his home-business secret success formula, before he might decide to take another long vacation and retire for good.

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