Internet Marketing Gurus Roy Reyer & Jerry West To Host Rainmaker's Arizona SEO Seminar

Industry leading internet marketing experts, Roy Reyer and Jerry West have announced The Amazing Internet Coaching Seminar to be held in Phoenix on November 15, 2009.

Online PR News – 20-October-2009 – – MORRISTOWN, AZ – Roy Reyer, the internet guru who sold his network to his biggest competitor for over seven figures and Jerry West, one of the most successful affiliate marketing advertisers on the Internet have announced a brand new SEO training conference to be held in Phoenix.

The Phoenix SEO Rainmaker's Conference will be held on November 15, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza in Phoenix Arizona. SEO gurus Roy and West will share their personal success strategies and internet marketing methods to help participants successfully bolster their business during the recession.

"During this economic recession we realize business owners need access to methods and strategies that will help them grow their business without having to spend thousands of dollars. Through the SEO Rainmaker's Conference we will help them create the rain that their businesses need to grow and flourish," says Roy Reyer of Amazing Internet Coaching.

Roy Reyer is well recognized in the SEO industry as the developer of the immensely successful 'RadarBusters' network that was eventually sold to his competitors for a 7-figure price. Jerry West is equally well known in his niche for being one of the best known affiliate marketing advertisers and is also the author of the SEO Revolution. The pair met at a Search Engine Academy Workshop in Las Vegas and joined forces to teach others exactly grow successful businesses.

Because the recession has been tough on many businesses, Roy and West are offering participants a chance to learn these proven marketing strategies for the cut-rate price of $249. Previous participants of other Rainmaker workshops will know that this is a steal as previous events have cost as much as $3,000 to attend and even Roy Reyer's SEO class costs at least $2,000 to attend.

Unlike other workshops, the Rainmaker search engine training conference is lively and interactive. Roy and West discuss practical SEO topics that participants can immediately apply to their businesses. The conference will help participants work less but achieve more control over their business while identifying new opportunities to dominate Google rankings. The Phoenix event is scheduled immediately following the PubCon in Las Vegas, so that Roy and West can disseminate this cutting-edge knowledge to participants.

"The Rainmaker conference is well-known for it's intimate atmosphere where participants can easily discuss internet marketing issues that are affecting their business. Our goal is to show as many people as possible the actual internet marketing strategies that we used to create our success," concludes Reyer.

About Amazing Internet Coaching:
Hosted by leading internet marketing consulting experts Roy Reyer and Jerry West, Amazing Internet Coaching is an upcoming seminar designed to help participants understand and make the most of internet marketing and ultimately contribute to business growth.

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