Website Development Firm Explains How to Create a Google-Friendly Website

New York website design and development expert says that there are a number of ways to ensure that a small business website gets Google recognition.

Online PR News – 22-December-2010 – New York, New York – “For starters, the best way to improve a small business website’s visibility is by getting links from other websites, delivering the two-sided benefit of giving people new ways to find the business’s content and improving the site’s search engine ranking,” says Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development and Internet marketing firm with clients from around the world. “Link sources may include social bookmarking websites, industry forums, blog comments, local business directories and news media websites.”

According to Crisafi, once the links have been built, it is important to create fresh and relevant website content and keep it fresh.

“The website should contain relevant material at all times, because Google gives priority to unique and informative content,” says Crisafi. “It is also a good idea to highlight key points within the content and keep the text concise, because many online users skim through what they read online.”

Crisafi says that it is important to remember that major search engines rank web pages, rather than entire sites. So, by focusing each page around a particular keyword or theme, the business has a greater chance of ranking well for that topic.

“It is of the utmost importance, however, to keep everything as simple as possible. This includes the website design as well,” says Crisafi. “Technology, for example, should be used to make the website work better. However, tools like Flash and JavaScript can make it hard for Google to find content, so it must be used sparingly.”

Crisafi says that even a website’s server location can impact Google rankings. It is a proven fact he says, that the use of offshore servers can undermine the effectiveness of “local” searches.

“Finally, it is imperative that small businesses take advantage of social networking websites to promote their online presence,” says Crisafi. “By building a following on Twitter and Facebook, a business can instantly alert people to website updates with a hyperlink to the new content.”

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