Navy Jobs Website, Offering Career Info Packs for Navy Hopefuls

US Navy jobs and information website, is offering a career info pack to those interested in learning more about careers in the Navy.

Online PR News – 20-October-2009 – – LA QUINTA, CA – Principal Navy jobs and information website,, is offering a career information pack to those individuals considering a career in the US Navy.

The first informational package includes '5 Tips for Getting the Best School or Job' and provides, not only detailed, exclusive information, but also includes comprehensive information about enlistment and jobs in the military. The information pack provides five tips on how to maximize an individual’s potential via a career paths and education proving to be beneficial and fruitful in the long-run.

Potential recruits will also receive ‘Your First Meeting with a Recruiter,’ an excerpt from Guide to Joining the Military by Scott Ostrow which seeks to educate the general public about military recruiters: what they do, how they scout and what they can and cannot promise. Concise and comprehensive, it is a basic necessity of knowledge for anyone considering the military.

"For those interested in a career with the Navy, these information packets are not only resourceful, but offer great preliminary information about the military," says Larry Fowler of is a chief careers and recruitment website for the US Navy. The site provides inclusive information about military jobs and career opportunities, as well as, giving hopefuls access to the military job boards. While the site provides detailed Navy enlistment information, it is not limited to only enrollment information. Rather,, showcases a range of military career-related opportunities from such varied fields as: art, media, IT, combat, law and legal enforcement, intelligence and support for administration and combat.

The two information packages offered by can be easily accessed via the site's homepage, where a quick online registration process yields files easily downloadable into a PDF format. These files can be saved, printed and viewed later as well. Additionally, the information packages include a downloadable brochure with additional information about Navy life.

"Many people are so surprised by the sheer number of careers available through Navy jobs. Almost every civilian job is also available in the Navy – not to mention great health, housing and education benefits," concludes Fowler.

About offers valuable information about general Navy enlistment, Navy jobs, and the Navy lifestyle.

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