Brandboost 5-Tier Social Media Packages Launched

New social media marketing coptions have been launched by the Brandboost team

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – An exciting suite of structured corporate social media packages has been created by the Brandboost team at online communication and marketing specialists MPS & BBI International. Named after the five levels of the earth’s atmosphere from Troposphere up to the edge of outer space with Exosphere, they have been designed to launch businesses into the increasingly complex world of social networking. These comprehensive programmes incorporate both primary and secondary platforms and are supported by focused analytics and reporting.

Starting from only £6,000 for a 12-month schedule, each package provides for a higher level of activities and engagement with the social media. For instance, while Troposphere and Stratosphere provide for 12 blog writing, tagging and posting projects, this rises to 18 at Mesosphere, 24 at Thermosphere and peaks at 48 on reaching Exosphere. Brandboost recognises the importance of high-value content in successful social media activity and has designed their programmes around this critical ingredient.

Andrew Libra, Managing Director of MPS & BBI International explains: “The aim is to boost the presence of our clients in the social media environment by reaching towards new heights in their social media marketing. When engaging with target markets through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or other networks, it is important to avoid the piecemeal approach and to implement a strategic communications plan. This suite of packages is supported by our understanding of the social media, our technical expertise in web services and our 30 years marketing experience.”

The full range of Brandboost’s “atmospheric” packages, itemised activities and prices can be viewed at They provide the means of presenting great content, putting over key messages, enhancing SEO and driving traffic to corporate websites.

Andrew Libra adds: “Businesses can see exactly what they are getting for their money and with our commitment and knowledge these programmes can be made to work really well for them in either the B2B or B2C markets.”