Prepay Nation Begins Joint Venture With Qcell Gambia

Alliance will provide International Top Up service & Mobile Money access to Gambians at Prepay Nation’s partner retail locations around the world to be fueled by creative dealer and consumer promotions.

Online PR News – 23-December-2010 – – Philadelphia, PA, December 22, 2010 -- Prepay Nation, one of the fastest growing providers of instant account refills for international prepaid mobile operators, has announced an exclusive alliance agreement with Gambia’s only 3G cellular service provider, QCell, to allow International Top Up service and the use of Mobile Money on the Prepay Nation’s platform. The agreement will expand international airtime purchase offerings to Gambians at Prepay Nation’s over 150,000 plus partner retail locations worldwide, and later to use the same distribution channel and the customer base to fund the QCell m-wallet accounts remotely.

The Chief Executive Officer of QCell Gambia, Muhammed Jah, heralded the partnership with Prepay Nation ( ) as a significant step forward in their service offerings. "This partnership with Prepay Nation will expand our distribution channels globally and allow for exponential growth of our network," said Jah. Gambia is home to about 1.5 million people."Our goal is to bring the Gambia the best and the highest quality in telecommunications technology to increase the quality of life for our people," said Jah, "and this partnership will continue to grow. This collaboration with Prepay Nation also provides our expatriates the ability to transfer value to their friends and family without any cost or fees."

QCell began operations in Gambia in 2009 and is already leading the way forward with unique service, being the only 3G network in Gambia, offering fast Internet access, multimedia sharing and chat services to its subscribers. The new International Top Up and Mobile Money services will allow the Gambians worldwide an economical, risk-free way to instantly buy airtime and transfer small remittances of funds for their loved ones back home on the QCell network. As part of this collaboration, QCell has started to promote these new services, to their subscriber base in The Gambia through radio, in place marketing and one on one promotions to encourage the use of Top Up services available internationally through Prepay Nation’s ( ) distribution channel partners.

"We are excited to support QCell in providing electronic prepaid airtime refills and mobile money services to the Gambian population around the globe," said Jessica Bishop, Vice President of Business Development for Prepay Nation. ( ) "This alliance marks a major milestone, both for QCell and their subscribers, and for our company’s sustained long term growth and product expansion."

About QCell:
QCell is The Gambia's only 3G GSM service Provider and thus offers services that until now were not available in this country. QCell's network is nationwide with 3G service available in the Greater Banjul Area, Farafenni and Basse. QCell's customers enjoy the clearest possible voice calls, video calls and 3G/Edge Internet access on their mobiles. In addition, QCell also offers a variety of products including QCell mobiles, USB Data Cards and USB Wireless Routers and QCELL branded mobile phones at very reasonable prices.

About Prepay Nation:
Prepay Nation is a fast growth company in the business of enabling micropayments from one person to another across international borders. Prepay Nation utilizes the prepaid mobile ecosystem to transfer values in the form of international airtime remittance. With mobile operator partnerships in Central America, South America, Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, and a varied distribution channel spanning the US, Canada, and Middle East, Prepay Nation offers its innovative services to expatriates who financially support their loved ones back home. Prepay Nation’s unique business model, highly scalable processing platform, and interconnectivity with mobile operators, allows for instantaneous and no-fee transfers for the consumers and an opportunity to generate significant revenues for the distributors. For more information please visit

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