eToro Reports a Staggering 360% Growth In One Market Year

The revolutionary eToro forex platform continues to impress with its phenomenal and seemingly unstoppable growth, finishing another year of operations with a 360% growth in active trader figures.

Online PR News – 20-October-2009 – – There is no denying by now that eToro has taken the online forex trading industry by storm. The relative new comer doesn’t stop surprising, always evolving, always improving, and always attracting unheard of numbers of traders. It was in 2008-2009 however that eToro truly proved itself as a market force and a major player in the forex game. Since the beginning of 2009 eToro has been constantly placed as the number one forex trading site online, easily beating out the competition. It comes as no surprise then that eToro’s figures of active forex accounts have more than tripled over this year.

Starting out with a devote following of novice traders, eToro has quickly started adding more and more advanced features to its forex software to bring in the pros. After all, if a trader has a choice of traditional trading software and user friendly trading software with all the same tools, it’s obvious which way he’ll choose to go. But eToro didn’t choose the easy traditional tools route and has developed a few of its own original additions to their range of trading tools. Take for example the Top Traders’ Insight. This tool enables traders to spot trading trends immediately from the trustworthy source of eToro’s top 100 profiting traders. It’s a way to get an instant reading of trader sentiment and an opportunity to emulate the trading decisions made by the cream of the crop.

eToro now has traders from over 80 countries around the world and is reporting a figure of 1.3 million customers that have downloaded the eToro platform so far. With this kind of growth rates, and with eToro’s commitment to constant innovation and improvement, we’re likely to see even higher figures in 2009-2010.