Universal Design Specialists Offers Lower Prices Nationwide on USA Made Handicap Door Opener Kits

Commercial ADA compliant handicap door openers are available at additional discounted prices when purchasing one of several popular automatic door opener kits.

Online PR News – 09-June-2017 – Sonoma, California – Effective June 9, 2017 commercial ADA compliant Handicap door openers are available at additional discounted prices when purchasing one of several popular Automatic door opener kits from Universal Design Specialists.

These ADA door openers are all US made in Connecticut and should not be confused with the lower quality knockoffs being offered from overseas.

The company has created a combination of 18 different commercial Ada door opener packages comprised of their most popular combinations of accessories to be included with the individual handicap door openers. The basic starter package includes a Jamb or Door Mount automatic door opener with two wired handicap buttons for only $1356.50 and this includes Free shipping when ordered online. Other options available in the door opener packages are an electric strike to release the door latch, wireless handicap door buttons, a coded keypad, hand-held remote controls, battery backup for power outages and a fully adjustable door closer rated to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit for exposure to weather.

To facilitate easier ordering the company offers a simple online Handicap door opener Survey which when submitted will be reviewed by technical assistance and a response sent you advising on the perfect kit for your specific installation. In addition helpful and easy to understand information is available by reviewing their Step x Step Guide (http://www.universaldesignspecialists.com/automatic-door-openers/#Guide) as well as their FAQ's (http://www.universaldesignspecialists.com/FAQs-for-automatic-door-openers/). These Automatic door openers are simple to install when ordered correctly and all this can be achieved by reading the helpful information and submitting a survey prior to placing your order. Typically most installations are completed by contractors, carpenters, electricians and even a skilled handy person. Most installations when attempted for the first time are completed in 2-4 hours.

The model 4300 handicap door opener is ADA compliant and is installed in all public spaces including government building’s, medical facilities, airports, schools, churches, housing developments and offices.

Orders are typically shipped from the factory in 1- production days and expedited shipping is available when required. This model is our workhorse of ADA door openers with one of our units still running in our factory since 1994 with only a few drops of oil and some grease annually.

For more information see http://www.universaldesignspecialists.com/automatic-door-openers or call customer service at (800) 481-1808

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