Eikon Bible Art Releases New Products to Help Deliver Sunday School Lessons

Eikonbibleart.com is proud to announce its new learning aids to help instructors deliver Bible Stories For Children. The December release includes five new products that make Sunday School Lessons fun for everyone.

Online PR News – 22-December-2010 – – For the month of December, Eikon Bible Art continues with its long tradition of producing award winning learning products to help engage children and facilitate their learning of Sunday School Lessons. Visual learning is one of the most effective ways of delivering messages to an audience, and when properly designed, visual learning aids builds comprehension and lasting retention.

The latest Bible stories for children focuses on Jesus' sayings as emphasized in the Canonical Gospel of Matthew. These are collectively referred to as the Sermon on the Mount. Also new for December is the story of Abraham and Isaac, which tells the story of a father and his son and the ultimate test of faith. Joining the aforementioned is the Calling of the fishermen, which recalls the tale of four men who for three years would witness the wonderful miracles and teaching of Jesus. Finally, rounding out the December offering is a special sale on the “Big Red” Holy Bible, which features new contemporary images to accompany the full text of the International Children’s Bible translation, all encased in a glorious bright red cover that is hard to miss.

Eikon Bible Art’s approach to children’s learning materials is underpinned by an abundance of figures to help the student visualize concepts and comprehend subject matter that is otherwise difficult to understand. In their three-part series on “Sermon on the Mount,” Eikon Bible Art provides a masterful sequence of landscape art to help the student understand the magnitude of the lessons that Jesus is delivering to his listeners that he delivered on the Mount of Beatitudes. In “Abraham and Isaac,” Eikon Bible Art revisits one of the more difficult concepts to teach, particularly when the target audience is children. In the story, Abraham is tested by God, who asks that Abraham’s first son be sacrificed. Eikon Bible carefully distinguishes the concept of test from tempt, and in so doing helps the audience understand that God truly would not have allowed Abraham to sacrifice his first born son.

“Calling of the Fishermen” tells the story of four men who left their nets, their boats, their family, in essence everything they had, to follow a man who simply asked them to do so. With that act, the four men saw the opportunity to follow Jesus, and they did not squander the chance to follow him and learn from his teachings. Eikon Bible Art does an effective job of conveying the message that although forsaking all to follow Jesus may be a very difficult choice to make, it will ultimately turn out to be the most important decision people make in their life.

Eikon Bible Art has previously delivered products for Bible teachers that address the need for accurate, relevant and compelling resources, and their December products continue in that tradition. The December releases feature the following time tested learning aids: Bible PowerPoint presentations, Activity Packs, pages that kids can colour-in, a puzzle page and Flash Cards that are rich in high quality images to help the children understand and learn.

“Our December products feature some of the more difficult concepts for children to understand, such as Abraham’s test,” notes Alan Lockhart of Eikon Bible Art. “However, we feel that we have been able to break down the concepts into smaller pieces that are easier to comprehend, and collectively these pieces come together to help our reader fully appreciate the word of the Lord.”

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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