Clipping Creations India has announced a new 20 % discount offer of its clipping path services.

Clipping Creations India has a new 20 percent discount offer with a 100 percent guaranteed of its clipping path services.

Online PR News – 07-June-2017 – New York – The internationally recognized Clipping Creations India has announced a 20 percent discount to its photo clipping and editing services with a 100 percent guarantee on the best and quality work on your submitted picture.
This offer is expected to lo0wer the prices of editing photos as compared to other online based services and locally available photo editors. It also assures a quality service offer on your work that will be charged after your approval. Clipping Creation India is rated top globally in the quality of services they offer and also their affordability. With basic services priced at a low price of 0.35US dollars to super complex services offered at a considerably fair price of 7.5 US dollars. A 20 percent discount on top these prices will save you a good amount of money which can be used for more editi8ng endeavors and allow you to edit more photos for your site or wall hangings. The more the work you present the better the discount offer. These keeps you safe from overpriced service providers and ensures quality end product.
Who are Clipping Creations India?
Clipping Creations India is a leading online photo editing and clipping path service provider. The service company operates under Trading Expert Limited a UK based company located in Peterborough. With a wide professional expertise who are experienced in Photoshop operation, the company offers the best quality onli9ne photo editing services. This is done through their website With an options of requesting for a quotation, the organization ensure that you get to know the price of working on your project in advance before you submit it to their site for editing. A free trial options is also available to make sure the requester is comfortable submitting his or her project to the team.
Clipping Creations India has worked for many high level companies around the world. This has given them an extensive experience in photo clipping and editing. Much of their work can be viewed on their website under the showcase button.
The service offered by Clipping Creation India
Clipping Creation offers a wide ranges of clipping path services and photo editing. Clipping path involves removal of unwanted background i9n in a photograph and make it more presentable to the public. This clipping path services have made it easier to present projects, art and model pictures without necessarily having to set up desire backgrounds that will either be expensive to set or time consuming. All you will have to do is take a good picture with say your phone’s camera and upload it to Clipping Creatio0ns India website. They will in turn edit your picture as you have requested and avail it to you.
They offer seven different clipping path services. These are;
1. Basic – It is the most affordable and involves basic photo clipping. It is offered at a low price of 0.35 US dollars.
2. Plain or simple clipping path- Offered at a price of 0.45 US dollars. The picture is edited with effect on simple visible objects.
3. Compound- Just as the name suggest, a further scrutiny on the detailed information on the picture is applied. This service is offered at a price of 1.75 US dollars.
4. Superior compound- This is more advanced and will leave your photo in a more appealing state than the compound service. It offered at a price of 3.20 US dollars.
5. Complex- The professionals in Clipping Creations will use more sophisticated platforms to ensure the work submitted is of higher standard without any misalignment. This services price is 4.35 dollars.
6. Extra complex- Offers more detailing than the complex one. Goes at 5.8 US dollars.
7. Super complex- It is the more sophisticated picture clipping service offered. It is priced at 7.5 US dollars.
They also offer custom services and charge as per the details required on the pictures.
Apart from clipping path services, Clipping Creation offers more photo editing related services that include;
Image masking, drop shadow, neck joint, photo retouching, photo restoration, raster to vector, color correction and deep etching.
Why choose Clipping Creations India
With Clipping Creations, you have the opportunity to assess the skills of their team before you assign them the task in hand. Unlike most online teams, they are more concerned with the quality they will offer their clientele and their thoughts on the free trial option. The option of submitting a picture to them and working on it just to prove their level of skill displays their seriousness in this business.
On top of having a free trial option, the team goes a step further and ensure that you only pay for project you have approved. With a team available for 24 hours all week, they work on your project as soon as you avail it and take the least time possible to complete it. The project is then taken through three door check point to make sure the completed project is of top quality to allow it to be sent back to the customer.
Clipping Creation are the most affordable clipping path service providers around the globe. They offer huge discounts for regular orders and do keep your privacy their main concern. Generally, Clipping Creations are the best business partners in the photo editing and clipping path services who make your satisfaction their concern.
Pictures have become an essential part in any business development. For anyone to know the products a company offers, the product has to be clearly visible. With companies and individual entrepreneurs relying on online marketing, it is wise to have the photographs of their products on their sites to inform the population of what they offer. It is therefore logical to seek professional expertise on posting quality pictures. Clipping creations India is such an institutions that will make clearly visible and appealing pictures to be viewed by the people you intend to reach.
Social media has also become sensitive to photos posted online and just to make sure you receive positive reviews, do reach out to and have your picture edited before posting it online.
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