Indiana Green Party Holds Annual Congress

Local Green groups from across Indiana gathered & adopted INGP bylaws & elected officers & delegates.

Online PR News – 07-June-2017 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Peace | Ecology | Social Justice | Democracy


Indiana Green Party (INGP) - Annual Congress 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana - 2017 - The Indiana Green Party (INGP) held its Annual Congress at the historic Neidhammer on Saturday, June 3rd. Keynote speakers included Ohio Green Party Candidate for Senate - 2016, Joe DeMare, and Dr. George Wolfe, Professor Emeritus at Ball State University where he served as director of the Center for Peace and Conflicts Studies from 2002-06, and Coordinator of Outreach Programs from 2006-14. Local groups from across Indiana gathered and adopted the INGP bylaws and elected officers and delegates. They are as follows:

Chair: Amanda Shepherd of Indianapolis
Vice Chair: Dr. S. Anthony Amstutz of Muncie
Documentarian: Cam Hughes of Indianapolis
Treasurer: Greg Ellcessor of Muncie
Communications Director: Teri Cento of Indianapolis

Julie Edwards of Indianapolis
Monica James of Muncie

The INGP strives to live by the values of the Green movement. Ten Key Values embody the INGP, and they guide all actions of the Party at all times:

* Ecological wisdom
* Grassroots democracy
* Social justice
* Nonviolence
* Decentralization
* Community-based economics
* Feminism
* Respect for diversity
* Personal and global responsibility
* Future focus / sustainability

Media Contact: Teri Cento
Phone: 317-270-2852