APC Valves Now Offers UL and FM Approved Industry-Grade Butterfly Valves

Industry-grade valves are in high demand across North America, as in other parts of the world to. APC Valves, a leading manufacturer and supplier of valves,

Online PR News – 07-June-2017 – Anhui, China – Anhui, China - APC Valves, a top-rated manufacturer and global supplier of valves and hydrants, now only offers UL and FM approved valves. The UL FM approved butterfly valves are highly reliable, and the owners said that they use the most advanced technologies in making these valves as these are installed in fire protection systems that protect human lives. They added that the UL and FM approved butterfly valves and other sorts of valves that they offer are quite easy to clean and maintain. They even hinted that the valves may last an entire lifetime and maintenance and replacement is quite easy.

APC Valves, according to the owners, always strives to meet the highest quality standards and the fire protection valves which they design and manufacture are compliant with the globally recognized standards, with UL and FM being two of these standards that are primarily followed in the United States. However, the owners maintained that the accessories are complaint with standards followed in other parts of the world too.

APC Valves has now the infrastructure and the technologies to produce valves for both indoor and outdoor fire protection applications. The China-based company now produces NRS gate valves, OS&Y valves, post indicator valves, and many other types of UL and FM approved valves. Moreover, the company is now in the process of research and development of grooved-end gate valves too.

The owners stated that indoor fire protection is necessary inside buildings where inflammable materials or valuable assets are stored. On the other hand, outdoor fire protection systems are essential in industrial areas where fire hazards are likely to happen. They said that their UL FM approved butterfly valves can be instrumental in all sorts of fire protection systems.

“We always try to meet UL, FM, and other types of global and regional standards and specifications. Our products are totally compliant with all the national and international standards and specifications, and we look to increase our gross sales volume in the coming two quarters”, said a sales and marketing executive of APC Valves during a press conference.

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