Illustrate measurements easily & visually with My Measures & Dimensions for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Slovenia based SIS d.o.o. announces the recent release of My Measures & Dimensions for all Apple mobile devices running on iOS 3.1.3 or later. Created to provide users with a professional level resource to inscribe photos with length measurements and other dimensional labels and easily save them on their mobile device for later presentation or self-reference.

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – Trzin, Slovenia – SIS d.o.o., an emerging developer focused creating applications for the mobile arena, has announced the recent release of My Measures & Dimensions. This visual utility is designed to let users create and share precisely labeled photos of interior or exterior environments, labeling the precise lengths, and angles of individual features pictured in any given photo. Users are also able to easily label various features for clarification –such as locations of electrical outlets, air vents, and the like. This app allows construction professionals, architectural workers, engaged Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, and anyone who works within a field that necessitates accurate measurements and visual representations to create, store, and share visual references of their projects directly from their mobile devices quickly and concisely. My Measures & Dimensions is currently available on the Apple App Store.

This app was created specifically to aide user who work with structural measurements and dimensions in a professional or otherwise serious manner. Among its many functionalities, My Measures & Dimensions allows users to store all of their measuring work in a visually cohesive manner that not only allows them to remember everything but creates a clear visualization of all taken measurements in a way which makes them simple to understand. This allows professionals to quickly and easily describe certain structural features or specifications without undue hassle. The app also allows users to organize labeled photos of their measurements into specific folders and categories that can be created and named directly from within the app itself. Once compiled, users can easily share individual labeled photos or full folders with clients, employees, or partners.

Designed to be as versatile as possible, My Measures & Dimensions features a full array of labeling options. Users are able to pick specific units of measurements from both imperial and metric systems. These unit options range in size from millimeters and inches to meters and yards, and all units in between them. A variety of line color and thickness options are available as well to help keep labeled photos organized and easy to comprehend regardless of how many different measurements are included. Furthermore users are also able to accurately label the angles of photographed features with appropriate degrees easily. Together, this wealth of features ensures both that the user possibilities of this utilitarian app stay nearly limitless and will say flexible enough to offer users help across the full spectrum of projects that they may work with. Taking it’s name to heart, My Measures & Dimensions is an app uniquely suited to help professionals create and maintain accurate visual references and illustrations of their work regardless of what their specific focus may be.

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