Register to Win Organic Protective Mittens Launching in June from MITTEEZ™

MITTEEZ™ "The Ultimate Teething Mitten" is releasing their two-stage organic protective teething mittens in June/July 2017.

Online PR News – 06-June-2017 – Victoria – Today’s current baby market is a trillion dollar industry, and many developmental toys and other babies’ organic best products are making huge waves in the market place. Today’s parents want to take all possible steps to give their baby the best quality products as well as provide safe baby items which can support them through their first year of life.

Teething Problems and the Solution:

Right from birth, due to babies’ lack of mobility control, they can do a lot of harm to themselves by scratching their faces or eyes with their very sharp finger nails. Through the teething process, babies have a common tendency to put their fingers and hands in their mouths. In fact, babies will even mouth the fingers of anyone who holds out their hands for them to hold or play with. This is because they are looking for relief from the challenges of teething.

However, babies can harm themselves and their tender fingers by having their hands in their mouths constantly. To protect their faces and hands, as well as to prevent thumb sucking, MITTEEZ™has invented a patented two-stage teething mitten which will launch in Canada first, with their best-selling baby product in July 2017 and USA to follow in fall 2017.

You can register at for a chance to win a complimentary Stage One MITTEEZ™ set which includes two organic mittens, two adjustable wrist wraps and a washable laundry/travel bag.

What is special about MITTEEZ™ Mittens?

Stage One (0-3 months) is specifically designed to bring your newborn baby protection from thumb sucking and scratching their little faces with 100% organic cotton mittens which gently and firmly secure to the soft, adjustable, quality and highly-crafted wrist wraps so they do not fall off. Created to easily use anywhere, it also offers preventative measures against germs and is very useful when travelling.

In the truest sense, organic mittens are ideal for this early stage of baby's development. MITTEEZ™ is coming out with two products: Stage One mittens will be for babies from birth to three months and Stage Two mittens and developmental toy and keepsake set will be for babies aged 3 and 12 months.

The benefits of Stage One MITTEEZ™include:

• Protecting babies from scratching their delicate faces
• Preventseczema and thumb sucking
• Preventing baby from putting their hands in their mouths in germy situations
• 100% organic cotton

The benefits of Stage Two MITTEEZ™ include:

• Provides babies with a teething aid
• Prevents babies from thumb sucking
• Provides developmental and stimulation benefits with our design patented Pea Bear
Character and ruff collar
• Easy to sanitize with the removable teething mitten.
• Prevents the baby from putting their hands in their mouths in germy situations, such as
airports, malls.
• Organic and safe materials used.

MITTEEZ™ mittens are 100% organic cotton and are made of the utmost highest quality and craftsmanship. Parents can register today for their babies’ mittens online at