Norwegian Actress Brit Landa Lands Title Role

"It was one of the first auditions I had here in LA and I got the part after going in for the call back”.

Online PR News – 06-June-2017 – Los Angele/CA – Brit Landa brings her A-game to LA.rnrn"I´ve always loved storytelling, creating art" Brit Landa told us. "I grew up on a small island on the west-coast of Norway. The dream of acting and America stayed with me for years, but I didn´t have the courage, I didn´t feel ready. I took the first step towards the life I had created in my mind and moved to England, UK, where I lived for 5 ½ year working as a dancer, model and actress. By the years I became increasingly enchanted with Hollywood and the entertainment industry. I set my mind on realize this dream and I committed to it and I was determined I would be living and working in Hollywood within the next two years, and here I am doing exactly that."rnrnSuch are the dreams and fantasies of millions of young people all over the world. For Brit, though, it was not a fantasy. It was a serious statement of fact. "Many people kept asking me when I was going to pursue something “real”, make a living, become something that had meaning," Brit said. "After a while I think they realized this was going to be my life and I wasn´t going to back down just because I had very few supporting me or understanding me. I think when they saw how much I worked and fought for it, they got great respect for me and even excitement for what I was doing. Many said they could feel my passion, and I think most grew to at least appreciate my commitment!"rnrnSitting her talking with you, being aware that my life is now in fact here in LA, that I have the privilege of doing what I love for a living in the home of film and TV –Hollywood! It seem all so surreal and incredible intense. It is a huge change from my life back home in Norway, but it is my future and I embraced it!"rnrnBrit's passion for the film and television industry was – and is – unstoppable. Her enthusiasm is contagious. No matter how powerful or famous people are, most feel comfortable with Brit from their very first meeting. Looking at her and hearing her talk you can feel the passion she has for her acting.rnrn"I have a wonderful support team," Brit explained. "That's one of the great secrets of success in the film industry. In order to survive and not lose yourself in the proses you need good, loyal and supportive people in your corner. I have my family, friends, agent and multiple talented friends within the industry. rnI recently finished shooting for the upcoming short film Loved Ones where I landed the lead role. It was a very challenging and hard part, but I loved every second of it. Throughout the shoot I got a great connection with everyone from the cast and crew and I enjoyed being on set so much that when we wrapped I couldn´t help but feel sad.rnThe great thing about bonding with the ones you work with on set is the possibilities of them wanting to work with you again. You build a trust bond and connection, which is incredible important in making a good movie. After Loved Ones I therefor received a request of continuing with the same crew for their next projects, that are two feature films.rnrnBrit Landa has defied the odds and is literally living her Hollywood dream – and she wants us to know that she's just getting started!rnrnWatch for her; follow her. Coming soon to a theater near you, Brit Landa.rnrn is available for interviews.rnrnBrit Landa is represented by Carstin Goemanne of Shauntiel Lindsey Talent Agency, 8484 Wilshire Blvd Suite 515 Beverly Hills, CA 90211