ChiroTouch™ Advances Chiropractic Profession: Partners with Spine IQ™

San Diego, CA—June 5, 2017—ChiroTouch™ is pleased to announce its partnership with Spine IQ™ on the CMS-approved data registry.

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ChiroTouch™ Advances Chiropractic Profession: Partners with Spine IQ™ to Create Clinical Data Registry

San Diego, CA—June 5, 2017—ChiroTouch™, the nation's leader in chiropractic software, is pleased to announce its partnership with Spine IQ™ on the CMS-approved data registry, called the Conservative Spine Care Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). This registry will collect data and clinical performance information to further reveal the value of chiropractic care and how it contributes to the healthcare industry.

With the shift to a performance-based payment system, capturing clinical performance becomes crucial to a chiropractor’s ability to reinforce results, including achieving better outcomes, maintaining lower costs, and continuing to deliver a high level of patient satisfaction. Collectively, these realities will be used to show how chiropractic care provides value to the healthcare industry.

The Spine IQ Conservative Spine Care QCDR includes 27 performance measures that will help chiropractors demonstrate value and define the quality of the patient care they provide.

“Data collection is more important than ever to chiropractors now because it provides clinical evidence of the high value chiropractic care delivers to patients,” said Robert Moberg, CEO of ChiroTouch. “The clinical-performance evidence chiropractors can provide through this registry, utilizing the data-collection tools within the ChiroTouch EHR software system, represents a transformational opportunity to reveal the purpose and efficacy of chiropractic care while further establishing DCs as critical providers in the healthcare arena.”

ChiroTouch users are currently depositing information on over 400,000 patient visits each day. Mobilizing this level of information to communicate the high value of chiropractic care can lead to revolutionary knowledge. The level of clinical data available within ChiroTouch software platforms is unparalleled in chiropractic, and the partnership between Spine IQ and ChiroTouch signals the beginning of an unstoppable movement in revealing both the effectiveness of chiropractic, and its purpose.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with ChiroTouch on our registry initiatives. The ability to integrate the Spine IQ registry with the EHR system most commonly used by doctors of chiropractic allows us to help more DCs demonstrate value and showcase clinical effectiveness in ways that really matter to patients, other healthcare providers, and payers.” said Christine Goertz, DC, PhD and Spine IQ chief executive officer.

Two very exciting patient outcome metrics in the registry are Change in Functional Outcomes and Change in Pain Intensity. These metrics will allow chiropractors to track their patient outcomes over time. The data will be captured through Patient Outcomes Assessments that are already available in ChiroTouch. Performance and clinical data feedback will also be available to chiropractors through the registry platform. Overall, the data collected and provided to the registry will assist chiropractors in demonstrating the effectiveness of their care.

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