The FaaDoO Engineers Are Here!!

FaaDoO Engineers, an application for Indian engineers is making waves on Facebook with its FB Application , fan page and group.

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – Date: 21 Dec 2010

Yes, they are here and a rage now on Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site. FaaDoO Engineers is an application on Facebook that rates engineers based on their answers to some of the coolest and interesting questions. This application can be found here:

Moreover, they also have a fan page @ where in the most coolest and awesome self-made cartoons are posted every day. Within just 10 days of starting this application and page, they have got traffic of more than 1000 users per month and 1100 fans.

This is not all. The FaaDoO’s also came up with a group, and within 3 days of its start it is having more than 1600 members with interactions ranging from insane topics such as “Who is the most farji engineer” to “How to make a motor not to work!!!”

The Engineers all around India have taken to this FaaDoOgiri very keenly with some of the wall postings on the group having as many as 110 comments and equally impressive number of likes.
All this rage catapulted this application into the previous months top application category of and, the biggest statistics websites for Facebook.

Visit the FaaDoOs here:

Fan Page: