Tool Bar Crew Announces Vimeo Video Downloader

Creates an extension that has many benefits for users

Online PR News – 05-June-2017 – - – Tool Bar Crew recently announced its new extension, Vimeo Video Downloader , which has made things convenient for users who want to download videos from the popular site.

Tool Bar Crew is known for its user friendly and highly functional digital solutions that have several exciting benefits for users. Its solutions are known for their high quality and functionality while they remain quick and easy to use. This downloader scores well on all these counts, making it the right choice for all users.

Vimeo has gained tremendous popularity amongst users all over the world because of the sheer variety and quality of videos one can find on the site. The platform also often has exclusive launches and footage, which makes it a go-to place for users. Unfortunately they find it difficult to download the videos to view or share later.

This Vimeo Downloader has been specifically created to handle the task and it does the job well. To begin with, the extension adds a download button on the video page. It then redirects users to video download site in double quick time. Hence the videos of their choice can be downloaded without any hassle.

While today’s discerning users want convenience when downloading videos, they also want to make sure that their quality is not compromised upon. The downloader assures them of that. Hence it can be used by people for personal as well as professional reasons. The extension is versatile, lightweight and has many benefits for all users.

About Vimeo Video Downloader

It is a simple and easy to use downloader, which gives power in the hands of users who can download videos from the popular site themselves.

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