– Goa’s nine-day Feast of the Three Kings to celebrate fertility in January 2011

January sees many sun seekers head to the beautiful beaches of Goa to enjoy the wonders of this world-renowned destination and enjoy the wonderful Goa hotels. And if you are there in the nine days running up to the 6th January it’s a wonderful time to head along to an extraordinary spiritual celebration

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – The Festival of the Three Kings brings together Hindus and Christians in honour of the Lady of the Mount, who is believed to assist childless unmarried couples desiring children.
Jewellery and prayers are offered up by revellers, while processions are held for the nine days running up to the 6th January, which coincides with epiphany.

The reason for the festivities goes way back to an ancient legend about a large rock on a nearby hillside etched with the mark of two baby footprints along with those of an adult. There’s further carving on the rocks which are thought to show how the Virgin stopped with her horse for a refreshing drink before heading up to the Hill of Remedies, where she ended her journey.

The reason it is believed that Hindus involve themselves in the celebrations is because the site is thought to have once been the site of a Hindu temple.

By day nine the non-stop dancing, music and partying reaches a crescendo and three young boys between 8 and 10 years old are chosen to act out being the King. They are thought to have come to the holy chapel with offerings for the Lady of the Mount.

The carnival concludes with the Kings leading the revellers up to the mount where you can buy a dizzying array of sweetmeats, clothes, copper and brassware as well as, furniture, toys, trinkets and spices of all sorts.

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