Don’t buy a job! Build Wealth with Marketing Biz in a Box

If you have always wanted to own a business, now’s the best time and Marketing Biz in a BoxTM is one of the best opportunities for people seeking entrepreneurial freedom. A Marketing Biz in a BoxTM license allows people to start an online marketing business and sustain it without any ongoing overhead costs.

Online PR News – 20-October-2009 – – Tuesday, October 20, 2009

“There’s a need in the market place for low-cost, high-return business opportunities”, says Nipa Shah, founder of Marketing Biz in a Box TM. With a Marketing Biz in a Box TM, would-be entrepreneurs will receive hands-on training in all areas of online marketing along with collateral, a custom website, and ongoing hand-holding and support. Low investment, high return on investment, and the opportunity to build a business in the exploding Internet Marketing field, make Marketing Biz in a Box the best business opportunity, period!

“Many business owners seem to have bought themselves a job”, says Nipa Shah, the creator of Marketing Biz in a Box. Most times, these small business owners trade a nine-to-five job for a 12-14 hour job when they start their own company. Small business owners become the head chef, bottle washer, and maître D for their own businesses due to lack of resources and high overhead costs. “Marketing Biz in a Box frees entrepreneurs to focus on sales & business development activities while making sure that the detailed work is done by experienced and trained resources who don’t cost an arm and a leg”, says Shah as she explains the value proposition offered by Marketing Biz in a Box.

Marketing Biz in a Box offers licensees have the opportunity to build a six-figure or greater revenue while working flexible hours and without any geographic limitations. Licensees pay no ongoing costs for the license and keep 100% of their profits.

“We are being selective in who we add to our licensee pool because our success is dependent on the successful business growth of our licensees”, says Shah. Marketing

The Internet and Social Networking/Marketing field is exploding. Marketing Biz in a Box licensees will become trusted partners to small businesses who will need visibility and branding online.

To learn more about Marketing Biz in a Box, visit and click on the “Become our Licensee” page. Or for more information, feel free to send an email to or call Nipa Shah at 248-470-6299.

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