Dr. William M. Hang Hosts Orthotropics Mini-Residency

Dr. William M. Hang Hosts and Presents Session 4 of the rn2016-17 Orthotropics® Mini-Residency rnJune 2 to 3 in Agoura Hills, CA

Online PR News – 04-June-2017 – Allen – Agoura Hills, CA William M. Hang DDS MSD will host and lecture Session 4 of the 2016-17 Orthotropics Mini-Residency beginning June 2 through June 3 in Agoura Hills, CA. Friday morning, June 2 will focus on reviewing cases “PARTICIPANTS” have brought forward – either already in Orthotropic® treatment or determining if their specific cases would be good candidates for Orthotropics®. Friday afternoon, Myofunctional Therapists, Barbara Greene and Joy Moeller will speak regarding the importance of myofunctional therapy and what can be accomplished with a disciplined patient. Dr Souroush Zaghi will also present on tongue tie and the ENT’s perspective on the airway. On Friday evening, Dr. and Mrs. (Debbie) Hang will host a dinner at the Hang residence. The dinner is open to all participants, their team members and families. Saturday will be spent at Dr. Hang’s Agoura Hills, CA office and laboratory seeing Orthotropics® patients.rnrnOrthotropics® was developed by Dr. John Mew approximately 50 years ago. The technique, appropriate for young children, has been shown to significantly improve facial balance and increase the patient’s airway. A study of 50+ consecutive Orthotropics® patients treated by Dr. Hang showed on average an increase in airway size of 31% at the area behind the soft palate, 23% behind the base of the tongue, and even 9% at the level of the hyoid bone. This study was published in the refereed journal “Cranio”.rnrnDr. Hang has been practicing Orthotropics® since 1990. He has even used the technique to help children have a better facial profile as well as even eliminating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring in children. This weekend’s session will conclude the 13th year Dr. Hang has been giving Orthotropic® Mini-Residencies for dentists and orthodontists from the US, Canada, Aruba, Ireland, Korea, Bahrain, Australia, and New Zealand.