Author Announces Release of “Your Total German Shepherd”

Author and German Shepherd lover, Debbie Ray, has announced the release of her book, “Your Total German Shepherd.”

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – Author and German Shepherd lover, Debbie Ray, has announced the release of her book, “Your Total German Shepherd.” With over 35 years of experience in breeding, raising and training German Shepherds, she brings unique insights into the breed and its psychology. The book can be purchased on her website at or and is available for instant download. The book is also available on CD.

“We hope that our recent website redesign helps our visitors find more of the German Shepherd information for which they’re looking,” said Ray.

German Shepherds are known by a variety of names in different locations around the world, including Deutscher Schaferhund, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf Dog or simply GSD, for German Shepherd Dog. After World War I and II, anything containing the word German was unpopular. Many organizations, including the American Kennel Club, altered this dog breeds’ name to remove any negative connotations.

The German Shepherd Dog breed was developed in 1899 by German cavalry officer, Capt. Max von Stephanitz. He hoped to breed a versatile canine capable of performing a number of tasks equally well. His vision was for a working dog that was good tempered, loyal, and had intelligence and drive, combined with the ability to move quickly and for extended periods of time. The result was the German Shepherd.

They’re now one of the most popular dog breeds the world over, and are well known for their unique abilities which make them especially suited to a wide variety of professions, as well as companion animals. They’re used in law enforcement, by the military and as herding dogs to protect flocks. They’re companion and family dogs for many, and are also used as Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Ms. Ray’s website offers information on every stage of German Shepherd ownership. Those who plan to add a German Shepherd puppy to their family need to plan for the event ahead of time. Puppies should never be purchased on impulse and always obtained from a reputable GSD breeder or rescue.

This website offers valuable information on choosing a puppy, buying supplies, the responsibilities, and financial requirements needed before acquiring a puppy and so much more. Unfortunately, the popularity of the breed has led to many unsavory breeders and puppy mills that produce litters with no regard for the parents or genetics, producing dogs that are rife with health problems.

Bringing a dog of any kind into the family requires a lifetime commitment. To ensure they remain healthy, annual checkups from a veterinarian are required, in addition to regular immunizations, vaccines and dewormings. It can be an expensive undertaking, but one that is essential for the health and happiness of the canine and its family. German Shepherd training is required for the dogs to interact appropriately within society too. Owners can provide the training themselves, but those who lack the necessary patience, time or skill should consider a professional trainer. is a one-stop resource for information concerning German Shepherds. The site offers a wealth of articles on all aspects of owning and caring for German Shepherds. The site also provides links to other reputable sites that highlight dog training, health information and GSD rescue organizations.

Ms. Ray welcomes comments, photos and stories from other German Shepherd fans too. As a matter of fact, there is an entire section of the website dedicated to visitor stories, photos, videos, memories and memorials as well. Those interested in German Shepherds can also sign up to receive free German Shepherd tips, tricks and videos as a member of her free German Shepherd newsletter service.

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