Danny Icewater is Back: As Trackryder

Ty Alexander unveils the new plans for 2011 executive producing the latest project under the Solstice Media Group umbrella, and announces the forward progression as a company.

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – In a brief release, Ty Alexander, Director of Solstice Media Group, told the press that there will be a few album projects in 2011, to “dispel any rumor” that the company was dealing strictly with marketing and producing for outside artists and clients. He addressed the issue as “ridiculous”, and quote, “I may not record forever, [laughs] but I sure will make music forever.”

Remaining tight lipped about his future projects, he did mention the upcoming release of Live | Love | Learn, the next full album from Trackryder. “Honestly, I truly believe this project is the next level in hip-hop, and we have something really good brewing in our kitchen,” he said. “There will be topics and situations not touched on in our culture, that I feel need attention, the trick is to get the point across in a way [that] any and everyone can relate to.”

Although he would not speak on the collaborations, which he is known for since the days of Sun Child Entertainment, talk is there will be a host of appearances from various artists, and collaborations on production. When asked about his role as executive producer, he simply added, “I always look for a unique touch. The [co-producers] I am working with definitely have it.”

Love | Love | Learn will be released May 5, 2011.