Italian E-Learning Fashion School is Starting to Offer a New Online Course Fashion Stylist

On 20 May 2017 Italian E-Learning Fashion School has started one of the most anticipated online courses "Fashion Stylist"

Online PR News – 02-June-2017 – Vercelli – Italian E-Learning Fashion School is starting to offer a new online course "Fashion Stylist." Students from all over the world can get professional fashion stylist education in Milan online from the Italian practicing stylists and photographers without leaving the house at reasonable prices.

Fashion Stylist is one of the most popular and relevant professions in the fashion world today.

One of the most common problems of everyone who would like to work in fashion is expensiveness of the study process. To become a successful fashion stylist expert it is necessary to study at the European schools of fashion that means quite heavy expenses on a course, a trip to Europe and stay.

Not everyone is ready to leave family and work to devote him/herself to study process.

Italian E-Learning Fashion School has developed a new training format for those who wants to become fashion stylists – online practice course with Italian stylists and photographers working for prestigious fashion magazines and designer brands.

"We have invited the best Italian teachers who will open all the secrets of the fashion stylist work starting from creation of a mood board and finishing with immersion in all stages of photo shoot making, tells the development director of IELFS, Caterina Kulakova. All teachers work with the Italian designers every day, as with glossy magazines and models, therefore they know all the details of work in the world of fashion."

The course has video lessons on various topics (how to make a shooting for fashion magazines, how to create styling for catalogues and look books, how to organise a model casting, etc.) and the practical tasks devoted to fashion styling. The course duration is half a year, but as it’s online each student can regulate the speed of training and complete it in 3 months or 1 year.

"Each step of the training process has practical tasks and progress evaluation of the Italian E-Learning Fashion School students by the supervising teacher," tells the development director of IELFS, Caterina Kulakova, "Our principle is to bring knowledge in the most accessible way to use in practice immediately."

The student gets the most relevant knowledge and skills through the e-learning portal from the fashion capital in Milan and at the same time he/she doesn’t waste money and time going on trip to Italy. This is important for those who already work in other spheres, have children and no opportunity to leave family for studying in the other country for half a year or even a year.

After finishing the course a student gets a certificate in English and Italian languages.

"The problem of an education in fashion is expensiveness. Only quite wealthy people are able to spend 10-20 thousand euros on it – at usual European schools the similar course costs 7,000-15,000 euros," tells Caterina Kulakova, "Our purpose was to create such a course which will be affordable to any person, therefore the cost of training on our fashion stylist course is only 399 euros."

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