Totally New Web Traffic Auction Will Be The New Model For Next Decade

Web traffic sales have increased but income has decreased. Today it takes more work to make less money than 5 years ago because the cost of business has reduced ROI's. This new platform will be the solution.

Online PR News – 21-December-2010 – – Five years ago is now the good old days. Those good old days when online advertisers made a lot more money on the net doing exactly what they are doing now. It makes one wonder, "What changed?". wondered too. They are a 10 year old company that enjoyed the fruits of their labor in the good old days just like thousands of other online businesses.

Then they watched their business model changed by forces beyond their control. They worked harder and harder and made less and less in payouts. While they watched their ROI slip into oblivion they could not find a platform or model to rescue them. So they did what any innovative business does. They created their own solution. has created and launched the First Worldwide Web Traffic Auction Platform. Now they are | Auction | Beta. With the new platform will come a real revolution in the web traffic market.

After careful “experience based” research conducted over the last 8 years, WebTrafficBrokers developed a platform that addresses the pressing issues in the CPC/CPM/CPV market. Issues such as less and less payouts and waiting almost 45 days or more to get paid. In addition to the sellers’ woes, advertisers have grown weary of being overcharged for repeat visitors and borderline click fraud with no means of reconciliation.

Another issue that has developed over last 10 years is that keyword targeting seems to be, at best, a shotgun attempt to target ads to users. With no traffic demographics or other origination information traffic is hardly targeted when you cannot afford the popular keywords. CPC costs have escalated out of reach for the small business owner. Advertising on large PPC networks are only affordable to Fortune 500 companies who have squeezed out small businesses by the shear brute force big money has to compete for the same keywords.

With those issues in mind they have created a completely NEW platform so every level of business can enjoy innovative new features and comprehensive services such as higher payouts, online escrow, optional third party IP fraud auditing and tracking and buyer/seller feedback with reputation ratings.

The CPC market has become unaffordable to the small business owner, Webmaster, blogger and advertiser and has made the life of publishers/sellers beyond frustrating. This new platform will bring about the solution to allow small Internet businesses to re-enter the CPC Market and publisher/sellers to regain their financial footing with higher ROI's. | Auction | Beta was created in the belief that now is the time to allow the small internet business to once again increase their Internet presence by creating overall reduced average Cost-Per-Click internet wide and that saved ad spend will provide higher ROI’s to the advertiser.

Mitch Burks, CMO

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