Find Solidity in a High Interest Annuity
10/19/2009 publishes a guide to high interest annuities.

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – Solid and rewarding investments are becoming few and far between. When one does come along, particularly a high interest annuity, investors need to take full advantage of it. A recently published article on reveals the financial benefits of investing in a high interest annuity.

“With the equity market currently as reliable as a broken alarm clock, it’s reassuring to know that high interest annuities still produce a guaranteed rate of return,” the article, High Interest Annuities: A Guaranteed Success, describes. “Often considered the better investment over CDs and other loan-based vehicles, high interest annuities come in all shapes and sizes (variable, fixed and equity-indexed).”

There are two common types of high interest annuities: variable and fixed. Variable annuities produce a 10 to 14 percent rate of return, but are considered the riskier of the two. Fixed variables guarantee a fixed rate of return by the insurer, but holders are unable to manage their account.

So what’s the main benefit of high interest annuities? On top of growing faster, they also include income options for a lifetime, withdrawal allowances and tax-deferral. Unlike a CD that is taxed every year, a high interest annuity’s growth will not be taxed until the holder cashes it out.

“To find quality high interest annuities, you will have to do some comparison shopping,” the article emphasizes. “While there are many insurance companies who offer a wide array of annuities, only a few have stood the test of time. If you’re on the hunt for fast-growing, tax-deferred annuities, look no further than high interest annuities.”

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Staff contribution: Rafael Onak

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