Remit2India launches new ad campaign

• Print Campaign – 1st Brand Campaign targeting the families in India
• Electronic Campaign targeting NRIs across the globe

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – December 20, 2010: Remit2India, a leading online remittance service for NRIs, recently launched its first full-fledged campaign targeting the end receiver (family in India) of the remittance. The brand is well entrenched in the NRI space and over the last 10 years, has build a base of over a million NRIs using the service to send money back to their loved ones.

The campaign in itself was targeted at educating the receiver about the benefits of online money transfers. The challenge was that while the receiver is not the decision maker in terms of choosing a particular service to send money, there are a host of benefits to the receiver & sender when they use an online service. The receiver indirectly plays an important role in communicating these benefits to the sender.

And Remit2India, being a pioneer in this space, has taken the lead in communicating this message to the receiver in India

The campaign itself talks about the 3 core elements that anyone transferring money, that too overseas, would want to be assured of – Trust in the service provider, safety of the money & the convenience that the service provides both the sender & the receiver. Remit2India’s service encompasses all these elements & the objective was to use the Print medium to communicate with the audience.

The campaign has been created & conceptualized by Roadmap Consultancy. Speaking on the initiative, Achal Shah, Head –Marketing at TimesofMoney says “We are a well established brand in the NRI market and have been communicating with our users abroad on a regular basis. Over the years, we felt that the online medium of sending money had significant benefits for not just the NRI, but also for the receiver of money. Remittance is treated as a necessity and while some customers are indifferent to the service that they use, the online world has changed a lot of things, in a positive way. All it needs is a little bit of comfort to the receiver on these benefits, which would go a long way in building the brand as well as the category. We are confident that this current campaign would go a long way in communicating this benefit.”

Speaking further on the campaign Gangadharan Menon – Executive Creative Director, Roadmap Consultancy Services states “It's for the first time that Remit2India has created a campaign for the beneficiary of online remittances in India. We tried to create intrigue with the headline and the image portrayal; Trusted Money Transfer, Simple Money Transfer, Secure Money Transfer. The images showing the dollar getting transformed into the rupee created the desired curiosity amongst the audience, thus making them read the ad to know what we are talking about. At one end of the visual is the remitter and at the other end is the receiver. And the process of transfer is instant, as can be seen in all the three visuals. The golden touch in these specially created visuals gives it a richness that's reassuring

The campaign is currently running in the Print medium across the country and a follow-up to this campaign is expected in the New Year.

Print Campaign – 1st Brand Campaign targeting the families in India

Meanwhile, the new Remit2India TV commercials are also on air in its key overseas markets of US, Europe & Australia across popular NRI channels like Zee T.V & Sony as well as regional channels such as Sun TV, Gemini and K TV. The commercials reflect and address the various problems NRIs face while sending money back home. Further, the campaign focuses on the key product and service promise that Remit2India offers to its customers.

The different situations depicted include faster turnaround time, hassle-free money transfers, perils of agent based transfers, reduced charges etc. The commercials can be viewed on

About Remit2India

Remit2India, the pioneer in online money transfers, is the chosen destination for thousands of NRIs across the globe. Part of the esteemed Times Group, Remit2India has over the years created a mark for itself both with customers as well as the industry. Having won a host of awards over the years and also adjudged the World's No.1 Independent Online Money Transfer Portal for NRIs, Remit2India has also won the brand innovation award for the Internet category at the coveted World Brand Congress 2010. With its pioneering technology and unmatched reach, Remit2India now allows NRIs across 23 countries, to conveniently and safely send money to any bank and any location in India. Remit2India has also been the pioneer in customer innovations having started features like direct debits, SMS alerts, transaction insurance, 24x7 support etc. More details are available on the website:

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