Tersano jumps out of Big Retail and into the Homes of Entrepreneurs

The patented lotus technology takes water and turns it into liquefied ozone – a natural oxidizer and powerful cleaner. Tersano is looking for Independent Distributors to sell its lotus Home products, for more information visit www.mytersano.com.

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – Detroit, MI

After several years of moderate sales success in large retail outlets such as Costco and Sharper Image, Tersano Inc. has shifted the business model of its lotus® chemical-free product line to a personal marketing network. The company manufactures and distributes a cleaning system with its patented lotus Technology that takes simple tap water and turns it into liquefied ozone – a natural oxidizer and powerful cleaner. “The products truly are too good to be true. Customers often need the products presented and explained to them. But once they see that they can clean effectively with no hazardous chemicals they can’t stop using it” says Steve Hengsperger, Tersano Company President and Founder. Retail stores have thousands upon thousands of products and just are not designed to do the ongoing presentations needed to overcome disbelief and sell the lotus brand. “The lesson we’ve come to learn here is that face-to-face presentations, with solid question and answer sessions work better than retail sales ever will and that is why we are looking for independent distributors for our products.” The opportunity to become a Tersano Independent Distributor may be just what many people need at a time when evidence is mounting that house-hold chemicals are the cause of many diseases and the dreadful economy has taken its toll on the employed and unemployed alike.

The technology behind the lotus cleaning system uses tap water and transforms it into liquefied ozone. By adding an extra oxygen atom the lotus Cleaning System produces liquefied ozone, which is stronger and faster than chlorine bleach but without the toxic properties, residues, or fumes. It kills up to 99.999 % of most common bacteria, viruses, and reverts back to water and oxygen after cleaning. The cleaning power and safety that the product offers makes it a must have in every home that is looking to reduce the number of household chemicals and their monthly spending.

Imagine the people who signed-up to sell Avon or Amway at their inception – those individuals have made millions of dollars. The lotus Personal Marketing Network is offering a similar ground floor opportunity, an opportunity to offer safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly products to your network and make some serious income at the same time. “We fully expect that those who sign-up as an Independent Distributor the earliest, before the larger markets of the U.S.A. are cornered will have an excellent opportunity to achieve a large network and income” says Davis Gravelsins, VP of Marketing for Tersano. Successfully marketing networks have worked because the products and company are so good that individuals don’t have to be seasoned sales professionals – often distributors are stay at home moms or dads, retirees, and small business owners.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the program is that Tersano is an established company that believes in the product line and is extremely supportive of their Independent Distributors. Tersano (International) SRL is a privately held innovations company based in Windsor, ON and has offices and distribution centers throughout the United States. Tersano develops, manufactures, and distributes lotus products for both consumer and commercial customers worldwide. The company’s mission revolves around advancing environmentally safe and healthy cleaning technologies; offering full support to its distributors and customers.

If you unemployed, underpaid, or looking to increase your personal and financial status the lotus Personal Marketing Network is definitely something you should be considering. For more information please visit www.mytersano.com.

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