Linia Cosmetic Surgery Emerges As A Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Provider In The UK—Opens The Cosmetic Surgery Bristol Clinic

The Linia Cosmetic Surgery clinic has just been rated among the top 5 cosmetic surgery providers in the UK by a leading consumer watchdog. The clinic, which has its parent chapter in London, is currently diversifying and has recently opened a new cosmetic surgery Bristol clinic. This clinic is expected to cater to a lot of people in the locality, according to company sources. So here’s some great news that is sure to thrill all those who are interested in body or facial enhancement treatment. Linia caters to all kinds of people—top models, media personalities, housewives, and working men and women.

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – The Linia Cosmetic Surgery clinic was established more than 10 years ago in London. Though there are many such clinics in the country, Linia stands out because of their unique, patient-centered approach. Their clinics are owned by doctors and are thus guided by ethics and the Hippocratic Oath, which is a welcome difference, because most other centers in the country are run mostly as profit centers. They often cut corners to make a profit. At the Bristol clinic, Linia is offering both surgery and nonsurgical solutions. The cosmetic surgery Bristol clinic and the other clinics across the country get specialists directly from the Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeons, and they are some of the most experienced professionals in the UK. Initial consultation at Linia’s Bristol clinic is absolutely free. The postoperative care at Linia is also among the best in the country. The patient receives the surgeon’s mobile phone number so that the professional can be contacted any time for any concerns. And, of course, from the initial consultation to the actual procedure and discharge, the person remains with the same surgeon.

The Linia cosmetic surgery Bristol clinic is offering the following procedures at this time—breast enlargement, breast reduction, nipple procedures, facial rejuvenation, face lifts, nose and eyelid procedures, body reshaping, body lifts, tummy tucks liposuction, labia reduction, vaginal procedures, and others. Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures offered at the clinic include wrinkle reduction injections, facial fillers, Teosyal, Juvederm, Bio-Alkamid, Radiesse, and more.

Cosmetic surgery has become very popular over the years because more and more people today want to look beautiful. They want to address their shape or feature concerns and are open to the idea of making changes to bring out the best in them. Of course there was a time when the cost was restrictive, and so only the rich and famous could afford surgery. But, that is not true anymore. At various clinics in the UK, such as the Linia, cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical beauty enhancement procedures are today being conducted at a fraction of the cost.

About The Linia Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Linia Cosmetic Surgery is a leading clinic in the UK that engages the best surgeons from the Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeons. The clinic is owned by doctors and stands out because of their patient-centered approach. Individualized attention is given to each patient, and the postoperative care is quite outstanding. For more information about the Linia Cosmetic Surgery Bristol clinic, please visit