Adopts “Green Code” for Staff: Guides Eco-Friendly Workplace Choices
12/20/2010 goes green at individual level. Staff at adopts “Green Code”: Eco-safe choices become a matter of personal honor.

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – “Coffee in your own cup” is the new motto at After several corporate initiatives to ‘go green’, we are making it really personal. Every staffer will be responsible for reducing their environmental impact by tangibly changing their behavior. We are making our Green Code a matter of honor, like the code of conduct guiding the ancient Samurai. Death before disposables! Well, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but we really do consistently try to save money and energy – and our customers benefit from these savings! writers, editors, and support staff have many eco-friendly choices, Drinking from re-usable mugs, and avoiding other single-use tableware, turning off lights, power strips, computers, and fans, wearing a sweater in the winter and cool clothes in the summer; all these are personal means of shrinking one’s carbon footprint. has lists of these options posted all over the offices to remind folks of their options for following the Green Code. Anything our staff saves individually is theirs to keep. Any savings they garner for the company will go right into improving our services and enhancing the skills and experience of our writers.

This ecological initiative is fun, and it has captured the attention of our staff, but it is hardly novel for We have a great track record of greening our operations. You can find lots of information about our recent efforts at our website,

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