Give the water at work the summery taste of raspberry - all year round

Aromhuset's twenty flavours for carbonated water have achieved great success among sparkling water lovers.

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – The taste of raspberry belongs to summer. Now it is possible to add this lively taste to the carbonated water from the water dispenser at the office - all year round! Aromhuset is launching six of its twenty flavours for sparkling water in new packaging - a 270 millilitres pump bottle suitable for dosing water from the dispenser in the workplace.

Now six of the most popular flavours from the selection are being released in new packaging, suitable for use with workplace water dispensers across the country. One of the flavours being released is raspberry - a big favourite of many. The other flavours are apple, pomegranate, blueberry, peach and melon.

More and more employers are realising the value of letting their staff top up their water levels on a regular basis. Water is the biggest component, both of the planet and the human body, and a lot of people suffer from dehydration without even being aware of it. Clear signs that you are not drinking enough are problems with concentrating, headache or general tiredness - definitely conditions that employers would prefer their staff not suffer from. It is common to drink coffee to liven up and forget the most important drink - water. When you drink coffee you will become even more dehydrated, which only serves to create a vicious circle.

Warm, flat water from the tap is perhaps not the most attractive drink, and most people would agree that any other drink would be preferable, but water is very important, so wise employers are realising that investing in a water dispenser that both chills and carbonates the water is a smart move. In many workplaces the water dispenser is also a social hub - a place for staff to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas. A healthy place to socialise in other words. The staff increase their water intake and a new, healthy cycle is born.

If you would like to go one step further and offer employees the option of flavoured water then Aromhuset has the answer. With a practical pump bottle you can add as much flavour as you like to your water. The recommended dose is one pump for a regular 150 ml plastic cup, and 3-4 pumps for half a litre of water.

Aromhuset's flavours for carbonated water at work contain, just like the flavours in the smaller bottles, no sugar or artificial sweeteners. The flavours are rich and full without damaging your health. This is one of the reasons why these flavours have become so popular. We are becoming more and more health conscious, and want to protect both ourselves and our children from too much sugar and unnecessary chemical additives. Stom also points out that he is on a world wide lookout for new importers for his innovative essences.

Each essence bottle contains 270 ml, which is enough for 58 litres of water - according to the standard dosage instructions. Naturally you are free to add more or less according to taste - it is completely up to each individual.

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