Teresonic to launch new Magus A55: the smallest single driver Alnico speaker

Teresonic will launch the new Magus A55 at the CES/THE show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011. Visit Teresonic in room 4019 at the Flamingo to hear the smallest, single-driver speakers featuring Alnico magnets and pure silver coils. Experience the clear, natural midrange, and solid, well defined bass - unexpected from such small sized speakers (less than 15 inches high). Hear sound coherence and very high efficiency (98dB), possible only with single driver, crossover-less speakers. At less than $5000 a pair (introductory price), the Magus A55 enables audiophiles to assemble a true high-end system at a price and size that can fit small listening rooms in urban centers and home offices.

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – Teresonic’s Magus A55 are very compact speakers (15 inches tall) producing frequency range, scale, and transparency found only in speakers many times its size. By combining extreme efficiency and Alnico magic in a full-range, crossover-less design listeners can…

• Unleash the magic of lowest power, pure Class A amplifiers;
• Immerse in transparency of sound and large soundstage;
• Enjoy lifelike reproduction of acoustical instruments and vocals.

“Magus A55 with the new Alnico drivers recreates the emotion of a live musical performance like no other speaker of its size. Low power amplifiers, including vacuum tubes, will sound big even in small rooms,” says Mike Zivkovic, president of Teresonic. “Magus A55 brings to compact speakers a breed of lifelike musicality – the magic of Alnico sound and pure silver coils in a full-range design.”

Magus A55 melds the rich harmonics of Alnico magnets with the full frequency range and efficiency that was previously only found in larger loudspeakers. It is one of the most listening room-friendly small speakers available; Its small size matches the most popular compacts, but its extreme efficiency of 98 dB surpasses them by a wide margin. The coherence and realism produced by full-range Lowther A55 drivers and crossover-less design sets a new standard for the life-like tonal quality of voices and musical instruments.

The new Magus sound engine is the Lowther A55 speaker driver with Alnico magnetic flux of 19,800 Gauss (or 1.98 Tesla) – one of the strongest in the industry. With such a powerful but refined motor, well focused Alnico magnets, and a very light – specially impregnated cone, the Magus A55 makes an extremely efficient sound engine. It’s capable of responding to changes in music instantaneously, enabling it to reproduce the tiniest musical detail. Alnico magnets are admired for their ability to faithfully reproduce the harmonic structure of instruments and voices. No wonder that the Magnus A55 sound more “real” than other speakers.

“The Magus A55 has a full-bodied but refined sound and wonderful sparkle in the upper midrange and treble. Its articulate midrange, combined with its robust mid-bass, just sounds so very natural” said Jack Roberts of dagogo.com. “I think there will be many audiophiles and music lovers who will fall in love with the Magus A55. I surely did, so much to purchase the review pair to use in my video and digital system. I have to admit I also feel in love with how the Magus cabinet looked in my main living room.”

While most speakers are sensitive to precise positioning in the speaker’s “sweet spot,” Magus delivers its magic anywhere in the room. Weather used stand-mounted, in a bookshelf or on a tabletop, they provide freedom in positioning.. Magus A55 stand (optional) comes with the adjustable shelf below the speaker which functions as a reflector plate. By moving it up and down the sound can be dispersed in such a way to adjust to the room acoustics or listening positions.

With Magus, form follows function. They are designed to generate superior sound, but they’re also crafted like fine musical instruments. “Have you ever wondered why there are no square violins, trumpets, or basses? Then why do they make square speakers? Because they are machine made. It requires patience and painstaking attention to detail to craft speakers by hand like we do,” says Mike Zivkovic. “Teresonic speakers are designed with the centuries-old proven techniques used in making fine musical instruments, combined with the latest science, materials and technology – to create an instrument for generations.”

Teresonic’s Magus A55 retail for US$ 4,985/pair (introductory price) with customized speaker stands retailing for $295/pair. Customers get a 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee and a three-year warranty. Specifications include 98dB efficiency (1W/1kHz/1m), a bandwidth of 55Hz-22kHz ± 3dB, and power handling of 1-100 watts.

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