Mondial Hospitality Announces the Launching of its New Website

Today, the first international hospitality community portal has been unveiled serving the needs of everybody who are involved in the hospitality business. Mondial Hotelier has revolutionized the landscape of social networking sites whereby it focuses on one thing: the hospitality industry. No other networking site was able to achieve such feat of being the one and the only networking site to ever address the needs of a specific group.

Online PR News – 20-December-2010 – – As quoted by Mondial Hotelier’s French Director: " Mondial Hotelier strives to take the lead on social hospitality networking. It's a never-ending development, an initial beta version of the portal. It puts on top the needs of the users and the demands of the market by pursuing great efforts of creating a virtual world, bringing together the best of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and making the industry more fruitful and highly profitable.” As such, you can only expect for better things to come in the near future.

Visitors to the site will be ushered to endless possibilities such as free jobs placements, vacancies and advertising opportunities. Members are able to make and submit their resumes or curriculum vitae in three different languages. On one hand, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars can also post their job vacancies at no cost. On top of that, they can even build their own profile, upload videos, high light their services and a lot more. Thus, hiring the best minds and talents in the industry comes easy just as looking for an invaluable employer is.

After all social recruitment is a trend that no business, big or small, shall allow to pass and Mondial Hotelier gives due importance. As conducted in a 2010 survey done by Jobvite, results show that social recruitment has become the main channel of recruitment firms. In fact, 83% are already using or contemplating of utilizing social media for recruitment purposes. Figures will speak for themselves.

Accordingly, about 70% of online users have found their dream jobs from social media sites. This goes to show that people are able to find their dream jobs more successfully because they are able to get in touch with their targeted companies.

Mondial Hotelier is a social hospitality network that leaves no room for doubts. Visitors can ask questions about the hospitality industry and get their answers right away. Get to know what others think about a certain issue involving the industry and learn from feedbacks customers have posted about a particular hotel or its services. Be heard and be counted by the poll that it conducts regularly regarding the hospitality industry.

Online popularity is also made possible by this website. As a social hospitality network, building connections, making friends, establishing contacts and reconnecting with acquaintances are some of its primary goals. Barriers have been torn down and everybody within the network speaks of common language and talk of one topic which is the hospitality industry.

The news section provides you with all the news you can get your hands on especially those involving the hospitality industry. Constantly updated, you too can become a part of the action by submitting your own piece of news about the hospitality and tourism industry. After all, that is what the website is all about. It is a virtual place where anybody can communicate with everybody from anywhere else in the world.

Value-free press releases are some of the many perks that you can get from this network. Companies involved in the hospitality industry can promote their respective rewards program and other similar benefits to the rest of the world. True to its commitment, this networking site has lived up to its thrust of providing every hospitality business a cost-efficient way of advertising their company, services and products.


Mondial Hotelier In A Nutshell

Coming from the French word “le monde,” Mondial literally means all over the world. As such, this network encompasses everything you need to know about the hospitality business, its world of opportunities and how it is able to bring people together into a one common vision, a one common goal and a universal hospitality language. It took two years of preparation and brainstorming until this humble idea has turned into a reality. It is a culmination of the founder’s years of experience in the hospitality industry, his countless travels, ideals, dreams and vision.

Get to know more about this social hospitality network. Simply log on to or your may get in touch with them at (please provide contact details)