Online Video Chat for Language Trainers and Learners From Language Spirit Excellent Platform

Language Spirit serves as an excellent platform for language trainers and learners to meet. Learners will have access to hundreds of native trainers and trainers can make money from home on the internet teaching English.

Online PR News – 19-December-2010 – – London - Language Spirit comes as one of the excellent platforms for English language trainers and language learners to meet.

English language trainers will now be able to easily make money on the internet teaching English. Language Spirit helps trainers make money from home by providing them with the best teaching platform with interactive audio and video chat facilities. Trainers will be able to set their own pricing for their sessions.

English language trainers need not have to spend a lot of money to advertise their services in the newspapers or in the other media. This website will keep the English trainers occupied all round the year giving them enough work with great earning potential.

Language Spirit has a transparent ranking system. Learners will be able to rank their trainers based on the effectiveness of the training. Trainers with top ranking will be displayed at the top in the list of trainers. This helps better performing trainers get additional exposure.

This is what one of the top trainers at Language Spirit Aaron Domett, UK has to say, “I loved teaching, but hated the hassles and brutal hours. It seemed like I was always grading papers. With Language Spirit I have so much free time; I actually look forward to working!”

Another top trainer Kevin Clifford from Australia says, “The cool thing about Language Spirit is that if I want to talk about clothes, movies or even music, something I already do for free, I just invite a learner to join me. I can't believe I get paid for that!”

There are many English language courses available today and all of them invariably promise to help the students in learning the English language fast. Despite their promises, students find it hard to speak the language fluently though they master the grammar and the other dynamics of the language. One of the drawbacks with most of the training programs is that they do not have any provision for instant oral communication. This is one of the most essential factors for learning a language and it is not enough to provide just the theoretical foundation. This is where Language Spirit sets itself apart from the rest of the English language training programs. Students will be able to have voice chat with their language trainers and apply the theoretical aspects of the language they have learnt.

English language learners that are looking for an experienced online English teacher will have access to hundreds of native English trainers. It is possible for the students to choose their own schedule for the training. Users of this system will be able to enjoy their training programs from anywhere they like as long as they have a computer with the internet connection. This is one of the most cost effective ways of learning English language as users are charged by the second.

Language Spirit is like a Chatroulette for language education; both Language Spirit and Chatroulette (hot online chat site), use the latest technology of Adobe Flash.

Furthermore, users will have access to vast collection of English teaching materials for their reference. To know more about this website and its services please visit
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