Are You Smarter Than Your Home?

No more coming home to a cold house, Forget about lights as dusk falls. These countless small tasks never have to be part of your daily life again.

Online PR News – 25-May-2017 – Houston, Texas – That’s what home automation using components from Control4 can give you—a smart home with the freedom to tailor your environment exactly as you wish. When you implement home automation, you implement something that acts as an operating system for your home. You also give yourself and your family peace, control, and security. The best part is that you can control all of these systems from your smartphone—from wherever you have a connection. Set things exactly as you want them and change them anytime from your smartphone, remote, or tablet.

Give yourself easy, optimal system control.

Neither you, nor any member of your family, will struggle to put hands on the right remote ever again. With Control4 products, you’ll ensure that a single button press accomplishes what’s necessary and that your system is always configured optimally to guarantee performance success. Want to take it a step further? Get rid of the remote altogether, and control every component of your smart home right from your smartphone.
Simplify your A/V experience.

Whether you, your babysitter, or Grandma is operating your A/V system, it will be with ease—and without an instruction manual. And, if someone changes a setting, don’t get frustrated. You can easily reset your system with the press of a button—or turn it on or off remotely using your smartphone.
Tailor your home lighting.

Turn lights on or off, dim them, or control multiple lights in “scenes” with one button press. Or, pre-set your lights to turn on at sunset automatically each day, with no adjustment necessary from you. The system can calculate the shifting sunset time for your time zone and turn off the lights at a specified time in the evening—freeing you from running around turning them on or off.
Control your thermostat remotely.

Bump up the temperature a few degrees or kick on the A/C when your plane lands and by the time you’re home from the airport, your home is just as you’d like it. HVAC control automation gives you access to thermostat control from anywhere your smartphone functions.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It should. Are you smarter than your home? The answer is, of course you are. Make your smart home work for you, rather than the other way around. Let us help you.

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