Company launches new web site offering consumer information on free standing bathtubs

Longtail Sites has just announced that their company has launched a brand new web site offering consumers free information regarding various types of free standing bathtubs. During the worldwide economic downturn, it is more important than ever that consumers perform adequate research before making any serious purchases. The goal of the site is to make it easier for those in the market for a new bathtub to find the one that is best for them.

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – We are pleased to announce the release of a new web site, At a time when consumers are having a difficult time making ends meet, the company understands the importance of making informed purchases, so they have created this site in order to aid those who are in need of new or vintage freestanding bathtubs.
The site will focus on providing concerned consumers with information regarding a various range of free standing bathtubs including, but not limited to, standing garden bathtubs, freestanding safety tubs, and the Japanese freestanding tub. Because there are more types of free standing bathtubs for sale than ever before, it is important that consumers have a firm grasp on what is available and what would be best for them, and this site seeks to accomplish that. For example, the benefits of both the pedestal and freestanding acrylic clawfoot tub are compared on the home page to distinguish between the two early on.
Much of the site is dedicated to explaining each of the most common types of free standing bathtubs for sale, as well as providing consumers with reasons why they are great purchases. The Japanese freestanding tub is currently one of the most popular types of freestanding soaking tubs on the market, so an article has been included which provides several reasons why this would make a wonderful addition to any home. Special attention is paid to the benefits of soaking in hot water and why this is the perfect tub for this purpose. In addition, information is also provided concerning the space saving properties that the Japanese freestanding tub offers.
Consumers these days are often interested in acquiring an antique free standing bathtub for their homes as vintage freestanding bathtubs are coming back in style. The new web site offers essential buying tips that give consumers a better idea of where these pieces can be found for a reasonable price. There are also tips on restoring older pieces found in salvage yards to pristine condition which can be an excellent way for individuals to save money during the recession.
Zelda Basson says, “We saw the need for a free standing bathtubs comparison site that would provide users with the information they needed to make an informed purchase. We knew early on that we wanted to distinguish ourselves from other similar sites by providing unique, professionally written content that truly helped consumers in their research.”

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