Cirtex Hosting Now With Great Video Sharing Scripts

Creating video sharing websites is a hobby for some. For others it is an opportunity to earn some extra money. Whatever the purpose may be, the video sharing scripts are great tools to launch such sites with ease, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – October 2009 - With the availability of lots of video sharing scripts, launching a video site may seem to be cool and very easy. Unfortunately, unless you are a pro in installing such scripts you will end up in several bugs. If you are a novice in installing the website scripts, the video script installation will be a headache to you. However, with the support of the professionals the installation of these video scripts is just a breeze. So here is the good news, Cirtex hosting now bundles with video sharing scripts with great support for installing them. “To be frank, creating video sharing websites is great and interesting. However, most of these scripts need step by step support for proper installation. Though all these scripts are available for purchase in many places and there are guides for installation, the actual installation process may end up in circumstances that are not illustrated in the guides. This is where we come into play. Select the videos sharing script of your choice and get the site ready through our hosting” says Mr. Cirtex John of

Speaking about the video sharing scripts available with, Mr. Cirtex John said, “Though there are lots of video sharing scripts available out there, we have included only the best of the best. The video sharing scripts made available with us are not strange to the world out there. ClipShare, ClipBucket, PHPMotion, AdultVideoScript, Rayzz, VidiScript, PHPMelody, ClipHouse and VideoWatch are the video sharing scripts that we have bundled with us”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Cirtex John said, “We take this opportunity to reveal to the world that our servers no have the full capacity to run the video sharing websites. The FFmpeg hosting that we provided is awarded to be the best service. To the added advantage, our hosting solution is very sensibly priced, starting from 2.99$.”


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