Bonzi Recording Now Offers Live Band Recording Services

The team at Bonzi Recording is thrilled to announce they are now offering live band recording services.

Online PR News – 27-May-2017 – Los Angeles, CA 90056 – The team at Bonzi Recording is thrilled to announce they are now offering live band recording services. Within the past week, the professionals at Bonzi Recording have succeeded at recording a full live band in their studio. While they were apprehensive at first, the finished product turned out to be jaw dropping. The team at this recording company initially built the control room they recorded the live band in to help with the acoustics in their space. These acoustics allow them to mix and master previously recorded tracks in a totally transparent environment.

As they mixed and mastered various albums, the team at Bonzi Recording started to wonder how a full band would sound live in their control room. When setting up the room for the band to record in, sound technicians put a microphone on every instrument in the ideal spot managing to eliminate the risk of sounds bleeding onto one another during the recording process without the use of any bulky acoustic panels or intrusive shields.

Initially, the Bonzi Recording team thought they could only fit about three people in their room, but the actual number was around eight. The acoustics in this room allows recording engineers to get pristine sound quality. The individual microphones used on the instruments make the mixing process faster and more effective and the lack of physical barriers allows the band to be in perfect synch and see each others for the ideal live performance.

The band this company recorded said the cozy, personal space was great for creating music. The atmosphere allowed them to focus on the sound of the music and eliminate all distractions.

Find out more about the live band recording services offered by Bonzi Recording by visiting their website or by giving them a call at 617-935-3572.

About Bonzi Recording: Stefano Bonzi, Ross Lenzing and Gary DeLeone are the heart and soul of Bonzi Recording. Each of them has skills in various types of recording, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. For artists trying to capture their sound in a unique way, Bonzi Recording is here to help.