Become a Cloud computing expert by joining the online training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy

cloud computing online course offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy allows you to improve skills required for handling cloud applications.

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Cloud computing is becoming the most looked after course as the number of companies switching to the cloud is increasing. The cloud computing online course offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy allows you to improve skills required for handling cloud applications and services at your own pace and place. This course is designed keeping in mind the participants who wish to gain certification in Cloud Computing. As the companies don’t have to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data center, they don’t have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations. That’s the reason why different companies are attracted towards implementing Cloud in their businesses. This has increased the demand for certified Cloud computing professionals due to which the need for the training has also increased manifold. A certification makes the participant the most sought-after candidate in the eyes of the top companies involved with the cloud space. Through this training, the learner will be able to learn about the following things:

Cloud concepts and models
Compare the different cloud services
Explain storage configuration concepts
Summarize cloud characteristics and terms
Explain object storage concepts
Installation, configuration, and management of virtual machines and devices
Explain the differences between hypervisor types
Virtual resource migration
Compare and contrast the virtual components that are used to construct a cloud
Compare and contrast various storage technologies
Features of cloud services from a business viewpoint
Technicalities associated with cloud computing
Value of business offered by cloud computing
Impact of cloud computing on IT framework along with risk factors of cloud computing

Why choose Multisoft Virtual Academy for Cloud Computing Online Training?

Multisoft Virtual Academy is engaged in providing cloud computing online training to the aspirant who are looking for a career in this domain. The course is designed by our experts who have a wide understanding of the cloud domain. So those who aspire to excel in the Cloud or want to enhance their knowledge on Cloud, this course is definitely going to help them.

With our course being accessible 24x7, you set your pace for learning and at the same time you can also choose your environment of learning whether it be your home, office, or any other place. The only requirement is a good internet connection. The other striking features of MVA online training are:

Instructor-Led Online Training
24 Hrs Training
3 Assessments
Experienced Trainer
3 Practical Exercises
24x7 e-Learning Access
Training Certificate

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