Breaking the code of CIHE & HVAC 2010

On March 15-17, 2010, the 10th China International Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Expo, which is the most important and influential HVAC tradeshow will take place at China International Exhibition Center. The Organizing Committee is going to offer a great fest by inviting famous companies and brands for the HVAC industry.

Online PR News – 19-October-2009 – – The global economy has been suffering great recession in 2009, but China stabilized her economy situation by policy and market control. The real estate market is the barometer which directly influences HVAC industry, slow growth of market demand means excess supply. However, the all-around recovery of Chinese economy in the third quarter indicates an upcoming Spring of HVAC industry which provides comfortable living environment for people.

On March 15-17, 2010, the 10th China International Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Expo, which is the most important and influential HVAC tradeshow will take place at China International Exhibition Center. The Organizing Committee is going to offer a great fest by inviting famous companies and brands for the HVAC industry.

What are the special features of CIHE & HVAC 2010? What are the differences with other tradeshows? How is the preparation till now? What about the highlights? Whether the upcoming show has different elements and contents based on the present economy environment? How does the Organizing Committee overcome the disadvantages caused by financial crisis?

Regarding to the above concerned questions, Mr. Li Hongbo, the General Manager of Beijing B&D Tiger Exhibition Co., Ltd——Organizing Committee of CIHE & HVAC, will break the code of CIHE & HVAC 2010.

1. During the bad time in 2009, CIHE & HVAC 2009 ended successfully and gained fruitful result, what are the key factors?

It is known, the economy environment in 2009 is terrible, but CIHE & HVAC 2009 surpassed the previous sessions in scale, quality of visitor, structure of exhibitor and physical exhibiting effects. We can proudly say, it is the most successful one which withstood the financial crisis. The reasons are:

 The support of authoritative sponsors. CIHE & HVAC 2010 is continuously sponsored by CCPIT Construction Industry Commerce Chamber, Architectural Society of China HVAC&R Committee, China Construction Metal Structure Association Heating and Radiator Committee, China Construction Metal Structure Association Plumbing Facilities Committee, China Construction Metal Structure Association Floor-heating Committee, , Geothermal Committee of China Energy Sources Association, China Building Decoration Association and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation. Besides the above familiar faces, China Individual Gas Heating Group which affiliates to Application Committee of China Gas Society and Beijing Construction Engineering Material Association Floor-heating Chamber are new characters to support CIHE & HVAC. The sponsors have gathered Unit Directors and Member Companies to discuss about the industrial trend with conclusion that the worse situation we are facing, the more industrial activities we should participate, in order to seek for chances by exhibiting new products and technologies.

 The trust and support from new and returning customers. The rate of second glance of our customers remains above 70%, and the growth rate reaches 32%. CIHE & HVAC has successfully held nine sessions with increasing scales year by year, the services are more completed and the show effect is better and better. By participating in CIHE & HVAC, companies are able to learn and communicate with each other to enhance the industry's overall level, and to seek for more business opportunities for developing the scale of production. The large-scale, professional and international CIHE & HVAC attracts the famous enterprises to take part in.

 Great demand of domestic market. Under the financial crisis, the foreign market was hit more heavily and leaded to the shortage of demand in the foreign market. The 4 trillion stimulus package and developing economy of China attracts foreign companies to compete in Chinese market, moreover, the domestic export-oriented enterprises also turned around to focus on domestic market. The mentioned companies have advantages in company strength, marketing, products and technology, but didn’t explore Chinese market before. Because of the economy downturn, foreign enterprises have been moving towards domestic market, therefore, professional tradeshows become the most important method to promote their products and expand business.

 The successful First China Heating Conference (CHC). The aim of organizing CHC is to benefit the public by informing the insiders about new policy and spirit announced by the government, and to introduce foreign technologies and products to domestic architects, HVAC designers and technicians. The Organizing Committee worked with assertions to set the topics and attracted professionals from real estate developers, designing institutes and related colleges. CHC not only increased the quality of visitor, but also meet the anticipation of exhibitors.
"Rome wasn't built in a day". The achievement of CIHE & HVAC relies on various factors, such as promotion by foreign and domestic media, superior venue, reasonable opening date and concurrent activities.

2. At present, the whole HVAC industry pays great attention to CIHE & HVAC 2010, could you please introduce the preparation and progress? (Information of promotion and exhibitors.)
CIHE & HVAC 2010 was paid highly attention by the Organizing Committee from its beginning. The show will have its Ten Years’ Anniversary next year, and plenty of activities will be organized and the detailed information will be announced once it is settled. Moreover, Floor-heating Committee, Heating and Radiator Committee and China Individual Gas Heating Group will held some activities.
On the side of promotion, in addition to working with 43 professional magazines and 156 web media, we advertise and release press on ‘China Real Estate Business’, ‘China Trade News’, ‘China Construction News’, and ‘Beijing Times’ such mass media. Moreover, we assign staff to visit similar tradeshows and industrial meetings, as well as to distribute invitation and tickets on site, by which to enhance the influence of CIHE & HVAC 2010 nationwide. The first edition of exhibition press will be published and sent to returning visitors and media.

Since April, 257 enterprises have ordered more than 900 booths, exhibiting area reaches 22000㎡, includes Bosch, Viessmann and Honeywell such giants in the industry. Although there are several months left till the opening date, the progress has already been the same with previous show at the end of last year. The Organizing Committee strongly advises companies which have exhibiting plan to order booths.

3. Compare with last session, what are the highlights of CIHE & HVAC 2010?
The biggest highlight is that more foreign boiler and wall-hung boiler manufacturers will show their products by large displaying area. Viessmann, Bosch, Riello, Baxi, Lamborghini, De Dietrich, Fagor, Devotion, Haydn, Macro and Hair will display with more 90 ㎡ respectively, there are another 50 famous companies participate in the show. Furthermore, new-type heating radiator, floor-heating technology and energy-saving HVAC control products are still the highlights of CIHE & HVAC.

4. Someone thinks, the global economy of 2010 will either be the bottom or the start of strong recovery, no matter which view is correct, it will influence the industries and enterprises heavily. So, regarding to the economy environment of next year, what kind of adjustments will be taken?
For the upcoming show, except for continuously maintain and develop the former project with great effort, we will increase investment in the following sectors:

(1) “New energy” is the hottest word nowadays and is the trend of using in heating and refrigeration, therefore, we are going to launch the project of having Solar Energy products.
(2) There were not so many air-conditioning and ventilation exhibitors in the previous show, we are going to do more in this sector, and making great effort to increase the exhibiting area to 2 halls.
(3) Next year, we will attract more living hot water manufacturers. We have got plenty of exhibitors making wall-hung boiler, such as Macro, Vanward and Hair, and we believe there are more such companies to participate.

‘Reformation and Innovation’ are the key point of development for an enterprise. CIHE & HVAC also develops based on the former advantages and in order to make every aspect of the exhibition perfect, we have to do more in what we are short of.

5. One of CIHE & HVAC’ features is that it has great amount of professional visitors, how do you make it?
CIHE & HVAC always pays much attention to visitors, promotion and other services. In order to further advance the effect of CIHE & HVAC and the service quality, the Organizing Committee spends much more on inviting professional visitors.

The above methods are all important factors to guarantee the presence of professional visitors. CIHE & HVAC will have its tenth birthday in 2010, the Organizing Committee will take this chance to thank for the support from new and returning customers by organizing the most efficient visitors, creating unlimited business opportunities and maximizing exhibitors’ benefit, we also specially built “Customers Service Department” to completely meet the demand and requirement of exhibitors, and to use ' one-to-one ' policy to invite visitors, including real estate developers, construction company, architects, ect. The Organizing Committee will offer free accommodation for ‘Featured professional visitors’, by which to attract more and more superior visitors to attend CIHE & HVAC 2010.